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World Directory of Embassies & Consulates

New American Pathways (404) 622-2235
Services for individual refugees and refugee families in Georgia. We offer five distinct program areas that focus on jobs, education, cultural integration, individual and female empowerment, and building strong families. All of these programs are enhanced through the service of a 15-member AmeriCorps team and hundreds of volunteers.

Catholic Charities of Atlanta 678-222-3920 
Provides help to immigrants & refugees with housing, clothing, schooling, immigration, deportation and other refugee resettlement issues. Includes low cost legal help for immigrants.  Refugee assistance can be provided in the following languages: Arabic, Amhari (Ethiopian), Tigrinya, Various Horn Of Africa Languages, Bosnian/Serbian/Yugoslavian, Georgian, Russian, Various Other Caucasian Languages, French, Italian, German And Spanish.

World Relief Altanta 404-294-4352
Immigrants & Refugee Assistance using the local churches. Provides refugee resettlement services, employment assistance and legal help for immigrants to get visas, green cards, reunify families, etc.

Friends of Refugees  (Clarkston, GA) 404-292-8818
Friends of Refugees mission is to empower refugees through opportunities that provide for their well-being, education and employment. Their 10 programs help new Americans seize opportunities while bringing them into relationships that will help them flourish. Primarily Clarkston, GA, but can direct you to other help as well.

The Lantern Project 470-219-2848
Clarkston GA program which trains refugees to develop construction trade skills in welding, pipefitting, masonry, carpentry and electrical to help advance careers in the power, oil, gas, chemical and process industries. The program also include instruction on faith-based principles, leadership and life skills.

The Somali American Community Center (SACC)
Offers social services to refugees such ad advocacy, financial and legal assisance, employment, youth services and more. Serves Metro Atlanta.

The Refugee Women's Network, Inc. (404) 437-7767
Needs Assessment
Work Plan Development and Management
Integration and Emotional Counseling
Home Management
Emergency/Crisis Intervention
Health and Mental Health Services

Refugee Resources In Georgia (Google)
For refugees from around the world-people who are persecuted on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, or membership in a particular social or political group. 

The International Women's House 24 Hour Crisis Hotline (770) 413-5557
They provide help information for immigrants in many languages and also have a shelter for battered women immigrants.  They offer  services in the following languages: Russian. Bosnian, Polish, Vietnamese, Indian (Several Dialects), Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Arabic And French.

For Liberians Northwoods United Methodist Church (770) 457-4576

Ethiopian Community Association in Atlanta, Inc. 404 298-4570
752 North Indian Creek Dr.
Clarkston, GA 30021, GA 30021

International Rescue Committee (Decatur) 404-292-7731
Social services for immigrants and refugees . Call 9-5 Monday-Friday

Fulton County Refugee Resource List
Contact numbers for Christ-Base refugee help In Metropolitan Atlanta. 

United Way Help Line   For GA Call 211 (For All 50 States, DC & Puerto Rico)
Choose your state, select your city, and look up help agencies galore!!!
Their stellar search engine can lead you to any social service topic you can think of. 
For the best results,  type in words like  "Immigrants and Social Services" or "Refugee and (the name of your topic)".

International Newcomers Center (678) 985-5200.
Refugees and immigrant social services for Gwinnett Public Schools. Call 8-4pm Monday-Friday.

Lutheran Services Of Georgia (404) 875-0201
Securing employment/translation and other help. Their staff speaks Bosnia/Serbo-croatian, Farsi, Vietnamese and some Arabic.

REMEMBER: if a particular agency can't help you, they still may know of others that can.  Before hanging up, make sure you ask about other groups that can assist you.

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Asian American Legal Advocacy Center, Inc. (AALAC) of Georgia
Promotes the civil, social and economic rights of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Asian-ethnic refugees and immigrants (“Asian Americans”) in Georgia and the Southeast. Free help includes Immigration and Work, Naturalization/Citizenship, Political Asylum and Refugee Status.

The National Asian Pacific Bar Association (404) 572-4940
Professional Bar association of Asian American attorneys and law students that offers free legal clinics and education on Asian-American issues. Atlanta Chapter President is Robert Woo at King & Spalding. If Mr. Wu is unavailable, contact:  Lisa Chang at Jones Day Reavis & Pogue (404) 581-8557.  Nancy Choy is Executive Director of the National Chapter in D.C (202) 974-1030.  Margaret Fujioka is President of the National Chapter (510) 238-3184. 

Center For Pan Asian Community Services (770) 936-0969
Social Service Assistance, Translation and Interpretation, Food Pantry Service, Public Notary, IRS/Tax information assistance, Homeless aid program, Business Employment Conflicts, Personal injury and social benefits. Their staff speaks Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Assistance with E.S.L., immigration, abuse issues, youth and elderly services, translations, interpretations, help with getting Medicaid, starting a business and referral services. Their staff speaks Chinese, Korean and Japanese but your problem can also be referred to other affiliated groups that translate and interpret in Laotian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Russian.  In addition to serving Asians, the Center also caters to Russians and Hispanic populations.  Those in need of legal advice should check out the Center's free legal clinic which is open 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. 

United Way Help Line  (For All 50 States, DC & Puerto Rico)
Choose your state, select your city, and look up help agencies galore!!! Their stellar search engine can lead you to any social service topic you can think of.  For the best results,  type in words like  "Asians and Social Services" or "Refugee and (the name of your topic)".

Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Formerly The Natioal Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium)
Promotes issues of importance to the Asian American community including: affirmative action, anti-Asian violence prevention/race relations, census, immigrant rights, immigration, language access, television diversity and voting rights.

Organization Of Chinese Americans (770) 226-1323 National Chapter  (202) 223-5500
O.C. is an Asian American civil rights group based in Washington D.C with 41 chapters throughout the nation.  They educate Asians about issues that affect their lives and encourage them to become citizens and vote. If the OCA cannot help you with your problem, they will direct you to other   agencies that can.  Contact: Atlanta Chapter President Angela Hsu.  For a free copy of Asian help directories write to:

Philip Morris 120 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Attn: National Directory Of Asian Pacific American Organization.

National Association Of Chinese Americans (770) 394-6542
Nonprofit civic organization promoting friendship between China and the U.S.  They receive delegations from China a

Asian Pacific American Coalition (770) 643-8945
They educate Asians about issues affecting their lives, help them become citizens and encourage them to vote.  APAC acts as an advocate for other Asian organizations when dealing with county, city and state governments.  If APAC can't help you they may be able to refer you to someone else who can. Contact: Seill "Steve" Choi

Japan-America Society Of Georgia (404) 524-7399
Helps improve U.S. and Japanese relations.  Will assist Japanese newcomers with U.S. customs and help them adjust to living in America. They also have lawyer supporters who can help with immigration issues.

Korean American Coalition of Atlanta
Our mission is to facilitate the Korean-American community’s participation in community affairs, encouraging the community to contribute to and become an integral part of American society

Korean Association Of Atlanta (770) 458-7798 or (770)457-9630
5302 Buford 5725 Busford Hwy., #206. Doraville G.A. 30340

Korean American Chamber of Commerce  (770) 452-0366
5455 Buford Highway, Suite 127B
Atlanta, GA 30340
Fax: (770) 452-0466
Mr. Kevin Park, President

The Korean Association of Greater Atlanta (770) 263-1888 
Non-profit social service group that offers free ESL classes and support for the homeless.  They also translate and interpret Korean to English free of charge and help elderly people apply for social security benefits.  President: Sok Hui Yi. 

Lao Family Solidarity Community Of Georgia, Inc.    
                     (770) 473-7029 Fax (770) 478-1063 
Non-profit social service agency providing a variety of services including immigrant and refugee support, community  referral and welfare programs. Contact: Fom Mahathirath. Call the same number for the Lao American Cultural Association.

Thai Association Of Georgia (770) 493-1175 (
This group provides social services and hosts cultural events for Thai people in America.  Call them for immigration forms or for help with finding living arrangements.  They also give legal advice on your rights and obligations when renting an apartment and want to help any Thai person in need.

Good Shepherd (770) 455-9379 FAX (770) 455-4776
Outreach services primarily for the Vietnamese Community in Fulton, Dekalb and Gwinnett counties.  They offer free ESL classes for adults, and also translate and interpret Vietnamese and Cantonese.  They provide cultural programs for youth, professional counseling for individuals, families, couples and youth; elderly services, summer youth programs, teach citizenship classes and give information and referral.

Vietnamese Community Of Georgia 678-894-6470
Volunteers connect the Vietnamese with mainstream America by helping them with life problems and organizing cultural activities. 

Vietnamese Chamber Of Commerce 678-812-6221
4763 Bufford Highway, Suite 106, Chamblee, GA 30341
Contact Person: Mr. Thanh Lee.

Vietnamese Baptist Mission (404) 767-1139
612 College St Hpvl, GA.

Vietnamese Baptist Church Of Clarkston (404) 299-7027
3895 Church Street Clarkston

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Catholic Charities/The Hispanic Hotline
Need financial or legal help, interpreting services or help finding a job? Website used to be called Catholic Social Services.

Latin American Association (404) 638-1800 Fax (404) 638-1806
2665 Bufford Highway (Next To Ponchos).
Contact Person: Attorney Irmina Owens 

The Georgia Latino Law Foundation (GLLF)
Ask for legal help, advocacy, or where they can direct you. Officially, their mission is to encourage Latinos to enter the legal proffession and become lawyers. But they partner with non-profits that help the Latino community. And it may be you have a legal problem they will want to help you with.

Legal Aid/Hispanic Outreach Project (404) 377-0705, ext. 234
(Clayton, Dekalb & Gwinnett counties) 
For intake in Spanish:  (404) 377-5381.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
This non-profit group protects and promotes the civil rights of the more than 35 million Latinos living in the United States. They are national in scope and have offices in AZ, CA, GA, IL, NM, TX and Washington DC. Call them even if you live in another state.

Rescate2000 (770-899-5410)
A bridge between the church, the government and the hispanic homeless. Christian group that feeds the homeless and may be good as an advocate for Hispanics.

Georgia Latino Alliance For Human Rights (770 457 5232)

Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials
Advocacy for Latin American related issues and concerns.

Latino Help Groups Throughout the US
For GA, this includes the GA Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Contractors Association of GA, The Mexican Restaurant Association. (Use for advocacy, legal help or to point you to other Latino advocates)

Southern Center For Human Rights
Provides legal representation to people facing the death penalty, challenges human rights violations in prisons and jails, seeks through litigation and advocacy to improve legal representation for poor people accused of crimes, and advocates for criminal justice system reforms on behalf of those affected by the system in the Southern United States.

Southern Poverty Law Center
Fights hate and bigotry, and seeks justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.
Monitors hate groups, and defends the rights of Illegal Immigrants, delinquent or learning disabled kids treated unfairly by schools.

United Way Help Line  (For All 50 States, DC & Puerto Rico)
Choose your state, select your city, and look up help agencies galore!!! Their stellar search engine can lead you to any social service topic you can think of.  For the best results,  type in words like  "Hispanic and Social Services" or "Refugee and (the name of your topic)".

Georgia Hispanic Bar Association
(404) 968-0100
This organization of over 80 lawyers may provide free or low cost legal assistance to those who qualify.

Mundo Hispanico (404) 881-0441 or Fax (404) 881-6085
A bilingual Hispanic newspaper that can refer you to other help agencies.  

Hispanic Political Action Committee (404) 929-9998
Provides voter education and lobbying services, individual and group advocacy, and research on citizens issues and translations. They charge a sliding scale fee based on income.

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