Creative Ideas To Reward Your Employees

Below are some positive ways to boost your employees' productivity.

Bonus Incentive For Good Attendance

Use A Guest Lecturer Or Your Legal Staff  To Help Resolve Common Financial Problems Or Social Issues

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Use Your On Staff Lawyer Or A Guest Lecturer To Help Resolve Common Employee Problems

Many employees are absent or absent minded because of other problems they must deal with. These include, credit problems. finding childcare or obtaining other low cost social services, etc. Why not boost morale and productivity by helping them resolve their problems. In this way, they'll be absent less and keep their mind more on work and less on their troubles.

Have each department vote every month on a topic that concerns them.   Then invite a guest speaker to lecture on it. Or use one of your staff lawyers for this purpose. For a list of topics and answers to common legal questions, See

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Rewarding Good Attendance

bulletEach week, The department with best attendance goes to fancy restaurant for lunch (Company expense of course).
bullet$100 Bonus Each Month for any employee who Is never late, never absent, never leaves early and never over extends lunch or breaks.

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