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FAQ's & Articles

Michigan FAQs on Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What Is The Difference Between Chapters 7, 11, 12, & 13? (Michigan)

Bankruptcy (Elder Law of Michigan)
Basics on Chapter 7. Geared to seniors but applies to non-seniors too.

FAQS Under the New Bankruptcy Laws
Biggest Changes: Debtor must now pass the "means test" and get mandatory consumer credit counseling. Debtor's assets are now valued higher and refiling for a second or third bankruptcy is much tougher. To take advantage of a state's pro bankruptcy laws, you must now reside there for two years instead of three months.

Bankruptcy Answers To Frequently Asked Questions
See left hand index for changes in the law, common mistakes, FAQs about discharging liens, garnishments, mortgages, student loans, taxes, making a budgets, etc. Great for federal law (non-residents should ignore Kentucky law links).

The New Bankruptcy Laws for 2006 and Beyond

Basic FAQs About Bankruptcy (Good Overview)
Not state specific but still very good.

The New Bankruptcy Laws (Federal For All States)
Also has info on discharging credit cards, divorce debts and more

More FAQs On Bankruptcy

What Is An Exemption?

How Various Kinds Of Debt Are Treated In Bankruptcy
Find out how bankruptcy treats debt from credit cards, taxes, home loans, student Loans, lawsuits, and child support.

Discharging Taxes In Bankruptcy

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Michigan Bankruptcy Exemption Laws

What Is An Exemption?

Your State Bankruptcy Exemptions (All 50 States)

In Other States

Exemptions In Each Of The Fifty States & DC
Scroll to middle of the page and click on your state.

The States Where You Can Choose Between Federal & State Exemptions 

Federal Exemptions Found In The US Bankruptcy Code

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Michigan Bankruptcy Courts By County

United States Bankruptcy Courts (All 50 States & DC)

Did They Filed For Bankruptcy? (All 50 States & DC)
Simply call each state's automated system and punch in the person's name. A recorded message will tell you if or when they've filed for bankruptcy. It's all free. Records before the year 2000 may not be available. 

Bankruptcy Court Websites
(Many States)
Scroll down for Michigan or click on the left for contact numbers for the clerks and judges.

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Download Free Bankruptcy Forms

More Bankruptcy Forms

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Law Links

Bankruptcy Case Law
(All Circuit Courts)

ABI World - American Bankruptcy Institute

Trolling the Web for Bankruptcy Law (Lots of Links)

See also

Bankruptcy options and alternatives for consumers 
the rights of creditors and idea exchange for attorneys and accountants and more.

Find federal and state laws on bankruptcy.  Also includes some case law, bankruptcy law journals and links to other bankruptcy sources.

Self help on bankruptcy related subjects such as 
Avoiding Overspending, Credit and Debit Cards, Strategies for Repaying Debts, Debt Collections, Student Loans, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Credit Repair.

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Related Topics
Credit & Debt
Lawyers, Courts & Self Help

Student Loans

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Bankruptcy (Michigan)