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Certain occupations and age groups have special rules that pertain only to them, such as industrial home workers and youth employees. Federal and state laws also are very specific about what minor employees can do at work.

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Uniformed Services Employment And Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
USERRA protects the employment and reemployment rights of persons who serve, voluntarily or involuntarily, in the uniformed services.

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Service Animals In Public Accommodations (New York)
This booklet defines “service animals,” establishes specific kinds of places that count as “places of public accommodation” and underscores the illegality of discrimination in any of these places. The role of the service animal in the workplace is also discussed. The booklet concludes with when and how to file a complaint in the event of discrimination.

Accessing Effective Communication (New York)
FAQS on the obligations of health care providers, auxiliary aids, patients’ responsibilities, and what can qualify as a disability. There are suggestions for communicating with persons with hearing disabilities, as well as information on filing a complaint and obtaining further information.

New York Guide To Employment Law (New York)
While made for non-profits, this guide includes the state and federal laws that govern all employers
in New York and Connecticut. Topics include sexual harassment, illegal hiring and screening, wage and hour laws, employee benefit laws, medical leave, privacy and more.

Discrimination (Consumer-SOS)

For More See Consumer-SOS/Disabilities

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Working At Home

Phony Work At Home Employment Schemes

Statutory Employees (Too Brief)
Many people who work at home or who are paid on a commission basis (such as life insurance agents or salespeople) are classified by the IRS as statutory employees. This means your employer may have to withhold taxes in the same way as regular employees. No more and no less.

Special Occupations/Misc. Professions
Certain occupations have special rules that pertain only to them, such as industrial homeworkers and youth employees. Industrial homeworkers are individuals who work in their own homes manufacturing a product for someone else, including craft-making and sewing. 

Fact Sheet About Homeworkers

Rules applying to industrial home-workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Individual Homeworker Certificates
Information on the terms and conditions for issuing individual homeworker certificates.

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