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Lemon Law Rights & Forms

Ohio Lemon Law Brochure

Lemon Law (Nonconforming New Motor Vehicle Law) (Ohio)
For new vehicles, auto manufacturers must repair or replace lemon vehicles within a reasonable period of time and to notify buyers of their right to compensation if a vehicle is defective.  Buyers also have the right to a refund if the vehicle is not repaired or replaced within a reasonable period.  

Consumer Sales Practices Act-Substantive Rules (Ohio)
Addresses these car related consumer issues.

Lemon Law Chart-Summaries State By State

Forms for Consumer Use:

The Net's most comprehensive site on Lemon Laws.  Learn about your rights, the law and the lawyers who can help you.

Lemon Law Page
Great site on  lemon laws, lemon links, lemon lawyers and lemon reading materials.

Negotiating For The New Vehicle
Anticipate and overcome manufacturer excuses when they claim they can't give you a new vehicle. 

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