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Credit Repair

FAQS on Repairing Your Credit (Ohio)
Includes questions to ask credit repair agencies and what to do if you can't pay your bills.

Negotiating With Creditors (Consumer-SOS)

Credit Repair: You Can Do It Yourself (Ohio)

Credit Services Organization Act (Ohio)
Mandates registration and bonding for organizations that offer credit repair, debt counseling or related services. Gives consumers a three-day right to cancel contracts with credit service organizations.

Debt Adjusters Act (Ohio)

  • Set rules and regulations for nonprofits and other businesses that offer credit repair services, debt counseling, budget management and related services to consumers facing financial difficulties.   
  • Requires debt adjusters to file annual financial statement with the Attorney General's Office.
  • Requires debt adjusters to submit funds to creditors within 30 days of receipt, maintain separate trust accounts for these funds, and maintain $100,000 insurance coverage.
  • Prohibits debt adjusters from accepting more than $75 for initial consultation, accepting more than $100 annually for consultation fees or contributions or charging more than 8.5 percent of amount paid by debtor each month or $30, whichever is greater.

Credit Scores (Consumer-SOS)
A good credit score is like having a good SAT score. If your score is high, creditors love you and will give you cheap rates.  If your score is low, you'll have to work twice as hard just to get the loan.

Build A Better Credit Record

Rebuilding Your Credit 

5 Steps To Credit Repair
Rebuilding Your Credit Rating through correcting errors, negotiating with creditors and adding pertinent information to your credit file.

Credit Repair-Help Yourself First (FTC)

Regulation Of Credit Repair Companies
See Sec 407-Your 3 Day Right To Cancel The Contract.

Illegally Establishing A New Credit Identity (BBB)

Credit Reports-What You Need To Know (Consumer-SOS)

Identity Theft-What To Do When Your Identity Is Stolen

FTC Brochures On Credit Repair

State & Federal Laws Governing Credit Matters (All 50 States)
Select Ohio and see what additional protections your state offers in addition to federal law. For federal laws, scroll down to their federal section and click on the link of your choice.

Secured & Unsecured Credit Cards To Help Rebuild Your Credit
A Website dedicated to helping debtors and others with credit problems to obtain either a secured or unsecured credit card for the purpose of re-establishing good credit.

Where To Go For Help (Consumer-SOS)
Getting help from the government, non-profits and the media.

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