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Phone & Utilities
Phone Matters
Gas, Water & Other Utilities

Related Topics

People Search
(To find people's phone numbers and addresses.)

Privacy & ID Theft
(To get rid of unwanted calls.)











Phone Matters
Area Codes
Billing Problems & Unauthorized Charges

Getting The Best Rates/ Keeping Bills Low
Payment Assistance Programs
Telemarketers & Scams 

Misc. (Times Zones, Lost or Missing Cell Phones, Taping Conversations, & Other FCC Brochures)

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Gas, Water & Other Utilities
Tips, Problems & Complaints

Payment Assistance Programs

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Area Codes 

Maps Of Area Codes Throughout The US (Frequently updated)

Area Codes In Numerical Order With Time Zones!
Find out the state and time zone for each US area code.
Spot long distance scams such as US area code look a likes which really connect you abroad.

Find Out What Time It Is In Any Country Or City (World-Wide)

Cities With Their Area Codes (Scroll Down Page)

Area Code Search Engine
Type in the 3 digit number and find the city and state it belongs to. Their website is slow so be patient.

Numbers such as the 809 area code come from the Caribbean. These numbers are not subject to the laws and regulations that govern calls originating in the United States. Area codes (or look-alikes) that may contain pay-per-call numbers are: 264, 268, 242, 246, 441, 284, 245, 767, 473, 876, 664, 869, 758, 784, 868, 809 or the 011 international access code. 

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Billing Problems & Unauthorized Charges
Long Distance, Tolls & Other Charges 
Slamming & Cramming
Understanding Your Phone Bill

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Long Distance

900 Numbers (CA)
California has special laws to protect you from becoming a victim.

900 Numbers (Precautions & Problems-FTC)

Children Using 900 #s
If the Advertiser has not followed these rules, ask that you get a refund, even though your child was at fault.

Phone Billing Rights
For Complaints regarding 900 #s, Slamming, Cramming, Collect Calls and other Charges.

Reverse Lookups-Finding The Name & Address When You Only Have The Phone #
Strange # on your phone bill? Find out who it belongs to.

Phone, Gas And Water
(Common Problems & What To Do)

Consumer Advice On Phone-Related Matters
Where to complain, dealing with slamming, calling cards, long distance providers and more.

Slamming & Cramming


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Slamming & Cramming

Phone Slammers (CA)
What to do if you believe your long distance service was switched without your knowledge and consent.


Federal Law & Brochures (Not State Specific)

Telephone Slamming (FCC)
What to do when your carrier is changed without your permission.

Cramming-Mystery Phone Charges (FTC)
What to do when unauthorized charges or services appear on you phone bill.

Cramming/What To Do If Unauthorized Charges Appear On your Bill (FCC)

Consumer Advice On Phone-Related Matters
Where to complain, dealing with slamming, calling cards, long distance providers and more.

Phone, Gas And Water (Common Problems & What To Do)

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Getting The Best Rates & Keeping Bills Low

Comparing Long Distance Phone Rates (Rates-All 50 States & DC)
The lowest in state, interstate and international phone rates. Also has lowest calling card and toll free rates.

The Lowest 10-10 Number Rates 

Low Phone Rates (Under 5 cents Per Minute)

The Lowest Calling Card Rates

The Lowest International Rates

The Best Phone Rates (Lists The Cheapest Ones)
Also has other consumer tips and advice.

Cheapest Long Distance Rate Calculator
For a FAST and very EASY detailed rate analysis for all of our long distance carriers - side by side - in your area.

Federal Law & Brochures (Not State Specific)

What To Look For When Choosing Long Distance Rates (FTC)

How To Lower Your Long-Distance Bill (FCC)

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Payment Assistance Programs

Can't Pay Your Rent, Mortgage or Utilities? (Consumer-SOS)
Step by step on what to do and where to go for assistance.

Information On Utility Bill Assistance, Homeless Shelters; Low Rent Housing; Etc. (Los Angeles County)
Scroll down and keep looking!

Help With Utilities In California (Google)
For help in your county or city, add your county or city's name in the Google search box.

United Way Help Line  (For All 50 States, DC & Puerto Rico)
Choose your state, select your city, and look up help agencies throughout your state and city. Their stellar search engine can lead you to any social service topic imaginable.  Just type in the words "Utilities and Assistance".

The Salvation Army Nearest You   (All 50 States & DC)
The Salvation Army often helps with rent, utilities, transportation, food, clothing and mortgage assistance.

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Telemarketers & Phone Scams

The National Do Not Call Registry
Most telemarketers cannot call your telephone number if it is in the National Do Not Call Registry. You can register your home and mobile phone numbers for free. Your registration will be effective for five years.

Find Out If The Telemarketer Is Legitimate
The following groups must register with the state if they are to do any business whatsoever: Credit Services Organizations, Non-profit Corporations, Seller-Assisted Marking Plans, Sellers of Travel, and Telephonic Sellers (any seller who solicits business by telephone). 


Federal Law & Brochures (Not State Specific)

Anti Telemarketing Laws, Links & Brochures (Excellent!)

The Telemarketing Sales Rule (FTC Brochure)
Also click Here

The Mail & Telephone Order Rule (Rules Corps Must Follow) 

Unsolicited Marketing Calls & Faxes (FTC)

Telemarketing Fraud: What You Need To Know
Scroll down to their brochures on telephone Services.

Telemarketing Fraud (Links)

Top 10 Telemarketing Frauds

For More Fraud, see Phone Scams.

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Phone Scams

International Telephone Number Scams (FTC)

Toll-Free Telephone Number Scams (FTC)

Scams & Cons


To Verify A Legitimate Business Offer, Charity or Sales Pitch See: Charities and  Business Matters

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State Utility Commissions (All 50 States)
Report Phone & Utility Complaints.

State Utility Commissions (All 50 States)
Includes Links Missing Above. 

Complaining About A Business (CA)
Directory of hundreds of businesses and where to complaint to.  Learn about the complaint process for particular businesses ranging from airlines to telephones, to gas & electric. 

Consumer Advice On Phone-Related Matters
Where to complain, dealing with slamming, calling cards, long distance providers and more.

Find The AARP In Your State
The AARP offers legal advocacy for seniors and may also have state specific consumer brochures which are available to everyone.

Call For Action
(Has Chapters In 18 States)  
Volunteers aligned with the media are trained to assist consumers through mediation and education in order to resolve problems with businesses, government agencies and other organizations. Services are free, confidential and available to individuals and small businesses. 

Find Your Local Newspaper, Magazine, Radio & TV Stations
Give them a little bad press and you're bargaining power increases tremendously. Select your state, and then click on your county or city for the proper media to report to. (DC Not Included).

Federal Law & Brochures (Not State Specific)

FCC Brochures On All Sorts Of Phone Related Issues

Everything From filing complaints to choosing caller ID.

How To Right A Wrong (FTC)

National Help Orgs For A Variety Of Consumer Problems
The Elderly, Environment, Families, Fraud, Health & Safety, Insurance The Handicapped, Medical Problems, Telemarketing and more.

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Find Out What Time It Is In Any Country Or City (World-Wide)

What To Do if Your Cell Phone Is Lost or Stolen

Finding The Owner Of A Lost Cell Phone (Consumer-SOS)

Recording Telephone Conversations (FCC)

The Laws On Taping Phone Conversations (All 50 States & DC)

Pay Phones-You Must Be Told In Advance How Much Call Costs

Enter A Pay Phone # and Find Out Where It's Located
Lists pay phone numbers throughout the US and also has reverse lookup where you can punch in the # and find where the pay phone is located. Comes in handy if someone is using a pay phone to stalk or threaten you.  Use the reverse lookup to find where he's calling from and notify the police.

Find The Numbers On Pay Phones Around The Country

Consumer Information About Telephone Related Issues (Other FCC Brochures)  
They've got anything you can think of!!!

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