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Medical Directives/Living Wills

Power of Attorneys, Living Wills/Advance Directives & Health Care Surrogates-Illinois Law
Includes info on who can make medical decisions for you if no one was previously designated for such. For more see Health Care Surrogates.

Illinois Forms on Advance Directives And Do Not Resuscitate Forms

When You Need To Sign a Power of Attorney-Don't Wait for the Unexpected (Illinois)
With a power of attorney for health care, you name a person whom you trust to make health care decisions for you. You can grant your agent as much power as you want. But do it in advance of a crisis.

Senior Citizens Handbook - Detailed Table of Contents (Illinois Law & Resources)
A-Z help for seniors and senior advocates. Topics include Medical and Financial Assistance, Decision Making Issues such as Guardians, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Personal & Long Term Care, Housing, Discrimination & more.

Durable Power Of Attorney & Health Care Directives (Nolo.com)

Writing A Living Will That's Valid In Your State
(For All 50 States & DC)
Scroll down 3/4ths the page to select your state and download your state's form. Then just fill in the blanks!

Living Will (All 50 States)
Click on your state and a form will appear.  Fill in the blanks.
(I'm not sure this is as state specific as they say it is).

Register Your Living With With US Hospitals
Register Your Living Will With US Hospitals (Free Online Service)
The Registry electronically stores your advance directive in its computer database and identifies it by your social security number. Hospitals from anywhere in the country can then call the computer on the telephone, and request a copy of your advance directive. 

Living Trust Offers: How to Make Sure They're Trust-worthy

Last Acts
Links and brochures on death related issues.

Consumer And Government Health Care Links (NCQA.org)

See Elder Care Topics ( Nolo.com)
For information on Social Security, Retirement Plans, 
Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap and Managed Care, Long-Term Healthcare, Estate Planning, Healthcare Directives and Powers of Attorney and more.

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Medical Directives & Living Wills-Illinois