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Provides well written, authoritative advice on buying home and other insurance as well as dealing with insurers.  Buyers can search for firms offering specific coverage in their state and can check a company's strength.  You can also link to insurance companies, quote services and agents, but any  selling takes place off their website site.

See Consumer-SOS/Insurance

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Free Pro bono Help Throughout Chicago & Illinois

Find The AARP In Illinois
The AARP offers legal advocacy for seniors and may also have state specific consumer brochures which are available to everyone.

For More Help, See Lawyers, Courts & Self Help

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Media & NonProfits

Call For Action  
Staff of volunteers hear consumer complaints and act as mediators between the service provider and aggrieved consumer and seller.  These volunteers often have the clout of a major TV or radio station behind them which often makes people much more cooperative. 

Your Local Better Business Bureau

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Mortgage Issues & Loan Programs

 If you want to buy a house but don't think you can afford the down payment, consider this: Many lenders offer programs which allow a buyer to get a home for as little as 3 percent by using mortgage insurance.  The premiums vary, depending on the size of the down payment, type of mortgage, and the amount of insurance coverage. 

Many of the groups below either regulate the Mortgage industry or offer assistance for lower income first time buyers. The website offer loans for anyone who qualifies.

Department Of Agriculture
For information about rural housing loan programs.

Provides to be homeowners with information on their credit and obtaining a mortgage.

Bankrate Monitor
Will tell you the best rates for a mortgage or home equity loan.

Licensed in at least 40 states, E-LOAN allows consumers to apply for a home loan via e-mail. On this site, consumers can search for the best rates on mortgages and home equity loans. It costs nothing to apply for a loan and your application will get a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Current and past mortgage rates and market commentary.  Loan terms and conditions explained

Federal Trade Commission-Division Of Credit Practices Bureau Of Consumer Protection (202) 326-3224
For complaints, and reporting unfair lending practices.

Federal Housing Administration (800) 225-5342  
For information about FHA-insured home mortgage loans on one to four family dwellings.

HUD Customer Service Distribution Center (800) 767-7468  
Can order lots of government publications on your legal rights.

HUD Counseling Clearing House (888) 466-3487  
Provides a variety of contacts and information for first-time home buyers, owners, renters and people at risk of default or foreclosure.

Fannie Mae (800) 732-6643  
Lender with various home ownership programs.

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Moving Companies  (Complaints)   

Federal Highway Adminstration (FHWA) (202) 358-7027(to check on licensing)  
For complaints, licensing and insurance status on interstate moving companies. 

American Moving & Storage Association (703) 683-7410       
They can tell you if the mover is licensed.  For disputes, you have only 60 days after a move to request for arbitration with an interstate mover.  All requests must be in writing.  

Find The AARP In Illinois
The AARP offers legal advocacy for seniors and may also have state specific consumer brochures which are available to everyone.

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How To Start Your Own Neighborhood Watch (Good For All States)
See Also Basic Tips To Follow For Stopping Crime

Health & Safety


Neighborhood Organizations
Find out about neighborhood watches and other community groups in your area or anywhere else throughout the country.


Lighting Up for Crime Prevention (HTML)
See right hand side Table of Contents. Outlines the frameworks in which lighting is used to prevent crime, presents key questions to help assess lighting needs, presents evidence of lighting's impact, and suggests numerous resources.

Neighborhood Watch Gets Residents Prepared
See right hand side Table of Contents. Provides residents with the information they need to strengthen their communities and effectively prevent and respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, or any kind of disaster through a Neighborhood Watch Program.

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Sorry. There Are No Resources Here At This Time. Please Check Back Later.

Check your city government pages in the phone book for "parks" or "recreation"

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Real Estate Links For Most States and Big Cities

For more on who regulates them,

See Realtors & Brokers

See Occupational Licensing Boards

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RESPA Enforcement (202) 708-4560
Regulates escrow and loan servicing accounts (the taxes and insurance on a mortgage).

RESPA-Consumer Protection Laws For Home Buyers And Home Owners

FAQs On The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
When RESPA Does & Does Not Protect You against Unfair Housing Practices.

Real Estate Licensee Rules. A compendium of online real estate manuals and laws for most states (34 States Including GA)
Search for rules on discipline, complaints and breach of duties.
Site links don't work unless you link manually.
Select state, use your right mouse click and copy the link into the address box.

County Real Estate Records. A Nationwide Listing of County Real Estate Recording Offices


RESPA Resource Links For Many Of The States

For more information about RESPA and where to for complaints.

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City Code Site  (All 50 States, Not DC)
Learn how your city code treats, garbage, nuisance and safety hazards.

Also check your city government pages in the phone book for "public works" or "streets and sidewalks."

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Tax Assessor Data Base (All 50 States, Not DC)
Find phone numbers and links to tax assessors throughout the US.

See Consumer-SOS-Taxes

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Department Of Transportation (DOTs)(50 States, Not DC)
For help with car related issues ie, car damaged caused by pavement, unsafe streets, traffic, bridges and roads, etc.

See Carpools

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City Code Site  (All 50 States, Not DC)
Learn how your city code treats, garbage, nuisance and safety hazards.

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Truth In Lending Problems

Federal Reserve Board
For information on the Truth In Lending Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

See Mortgages

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For More See Phones & Utilities

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Illinois Attorney General Office Hotlines
On last page see help for Consumer Fraud, Crime Victims, Health Care, ID Theft,  Senior Fraud, Veterans, and Environmental Crimes.

Services & Forms For Seniors, Veteran's & The Disabled (Illinois)

The Department Of Veteran Affairs (800) 827-1000
For information about the various programs available to veterans.  

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City Code Site  (All 50 States, Not DC)
Learn how your city code treats, garbage, nuisance and safety hazards.

Also check your phone book's city & county government pages for 
you local "Zoning Enforcement Divison."

See Also Nuisances
And        Health & Safety

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