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Choosing A Lawyer
How To Find & Choose A Lawyer
Free Or Low Cost Lawyers
Lawyers & Legal Fees

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How To Find & Choose A Lawyer

New York Attorney Lookup 212-428-2800 (Won't Show If They've Been Disciplined for Bad Conduct)
Put in a name and get their address.  If they're not here, you either have the wrong name, you're a bad speller or they're not allowed to practice law in New York. This could mean they're fakes or simply that they're attorneys but not New York attorneys. People with foreign names may be registered under a first name you don't know about. Find out their full name and search with first, with middle and with last.

Avoiding Grief With A Lawyer (NY)

Tips On Where To Find A Lawyer (The Working Women's Survival Guide)

The Initial Interview-Is the Lawyer You're Talking To The Best One For The Job?
Some good observations that may keep you from hiring the wrong  lawyer for the job.

Lawyer Locators & Referrals (Consumer-SOS)

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Lawyer Locators & Referrals

www.lawyers.com (All 50 States & DC)
Search here for lawyers based on their location and specialty.

http://www.attorneylocate.com/ (All 50 States & DC)
Attorney Locate is FREE to the public.  Attorney Locate allows you to search for an attorney based on location and practice area.  Many of the attorneys listed have provided full web sites or a detailed profile outlining their education, experience and commitment to the practice of law as well as other useful legal information.

Findlaw's Lawyers and Law Firms (All 50 States & DC)

Martindale-Hubble Lawyer Locator
(All 50 States & DC)

A List Of Attorney Locators Links (All 50 States & DC)

ABA Lawyer Referral Services (DC & All 50 States)
Mostly Phone #s, not many links.

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Free Or Low Cost Lawyers

Legal Services NYC  (Free Help In New York City)
Provides free, high quality, legal help to low income people who have nowhere else to turn.

The Legal Aid Society: The Legal Aid Society provides free legal services for people who can't afford an attorney. The Legal Aid Society has a Civil Practice (which includes employment, family, immigration and housing law) and a Criminal Defense Practice. Offices are located in all five boroughs of New York City.

MFY Legal Services, Inc.:
MFY offers free civil legal services to individuals, families and community groups.

Manhattan Seniors Project (60 and over or for those caring for people 60 and over))
Provides a broad range of high quality civil legal services to seniors, including housing, benefits, health care, consumer, and abuse issues, prioritizing those at risk of losing their housing and independence. The project is also part of an assigned counsel program in partnership with DFTA social workers to defend seniors who are facing imminent eviction and who need both legal and social work help to resolve their housing problem.

4 Cases Where You Can Qualify For Free Legal Services (Nolo.com)

Income Requirements For Legal Aid Or Pro bono Help (ABA)

Lawyers For Specific Causes (Consumer-SOS) 

Legal Aid & Clinics (All 50 States & DC)

The Directory of Pro Bono Programs (All 50 States & DC)  
Lawyers for those who can't afford one. Scroll down to the bottom of their page, click on their drop box and select your state.  Has other legal help in addition to legal aid.  If you are seeking legal representation, look to the listings in the county in which you live or in one near you. Those programs that provide service on a stateside basis are listed at the top of each state listing. 

http://www.ptla.org/links/services.htm (All 50 States & DC) 
Where available, each state has resources relating to complaints & disputes, courts & legal process, fees & costs, hiring a lawyer, legal aid & clinics, referral  services, and self representation.

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Legal Help For Specific Groups Or Causes

Aids Elderly & Disabled
Artists Environment
Asians Hispanics
Cancer Homeless
Children/Juveniles Homeowners
Civil Rights/Relig. Expression Fed Law & Law In Other States
Conservative Values Lawyer Referrals
Consumer Law Women
Criminal Defense Miscellaneous


Pine Tree Legal Assistance Links (All 50 States & DC)
Free lawyers for low income people, state by state and some cities too.

Nationwide Directory Of Legal Aids &Pro Bono Groups
Scroll to the very bottom to select your state from their drop box. Has links to free legal services in DC & All 50 states. 

See Consumer-SOS/Disabilities

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Volunteer Lawyers For The Arts
For: CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, LA, MA, ME, MD, MN, MS, MT, NH, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, RI, TX, UT, WA.

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The National Asian Pacific Bar Association
Professional Bar association of Asian American attorneys and law students that offers free legal clinics and education on Asian-American issues.

Asian Law Association Links
Scroll down to their "Minority Law Resources"

See Immigrants and Refugees

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Mesotheliomia & Asbestos

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See Children & Parents

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Civil Rights/Religious Expression

National Directory Of Civil Rights Organizations (All 50 States & DC)

Alliance Defense Fund (AZ, CA, GA, KS, LA, TN, DC)
Free lawyers to help Defend your religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the preservation of marriage and the family. The Alliance Defense Fund regularly combats the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other like-minded organizations in their efforts to limit public acknowledgement of God. We are convinced that, by God's continued grace, America can be truly free again - with no restraints on the Gospel's proclamation; no unconstitutional restrictions on your right to speak, pray and worship.

The Center For Individual Rights
(CIR) is a nonprofit public interest law firm
dedicated to the defense of individual liberties. CIR provides free legal representation to deserving clients who cannot otherwise afford or obtain legal counsel and whose individual rights are threatened.

National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination (And Other Pro-Christian Groups with Lawyers)

Christian Legal Society (703) 642-1070
The CLS is a national organization where lawyers and law students can enjoy Christian fellowship.  While they don't usually provide free legal counsel, they may be willing to help you if your religious rights have been violated. 

Christian Law Association (813) 399-8300
Located in Seminole, Florida, this group does trial work for religious liberty issues and offer help even to non-Florida residents.

American Civil Liberties Union  
The ACLU is a private volunteer-based, non-profit organization engaged in community education, legislative action, and litigation on selected civil liberties issues.  The ACLU takes civil rights/civil liberties cases which it believes will have a far reaching impact on the state of the law.  In the past, the ACLU has taken up causes involving freedom of association, freedom of speech, the right to vote, the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, separation of church and state issues i.e. freedom of religion and freedom from religion, right to a fair trial, etc. 

Western Center For Law And Religious Freedom (503) 588-2532
As the trial advocacy arm of the Christian Legal Society, this agencydefends religious freedoms under the U.S. Constitution.

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Conservative/Republican Causes

The Center For Individual Rights
(CIR) is a nonprofit public interest law firm
dedicated to the defense of individual liberties. CIR provides free legal representation to deserving clients who cannot otherwise afford or obtain legal counsel and whose individual rights are threatened.

Legal Links For Conservative Values

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Consumer Law

The Office Of The Attorney General (All 50 States)
This state agency has attorneys to help people who have been victims of various unfair practices. Many also have online brochures on numerous consumer topics.

National Consumer Law Center (202) 986-6060 (617) 523-8010
This nonprofit group offers free consumer advice to legal services providers serving low income individuals.  Private lawyers can get the same advice for a fee of $160/hr.  The National Consumer Law Center also represents consumer issues before Congress and government agencies.  Do not call if you are an aggrieved consumer as they will not take consumer complaints directly from the public.  

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Criminal Defense

List Of Legal Services In All 50 States (No Links)
May have contacts or know who else can help you.

The National Legal Aid & Defender Association
If you've been unsuccessful finding a defender through the phone directory, Internet, bar association, or court. Call or e-mail NLADA, 202-452-0620, info@nlada.org

Prison Ministries, Support Groups & Legal Help
Hundreds of links all in alphabetical order.

See Criminal Justice

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The Elderly/Disabled

Legal Hotlines For Older Americans  
Free legal help for people in 

Other Senior Hotlines (Google)
Has South Carolina and other states not listed above.

See Consumer-SOS-Seniors

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The Environment
  (Groups With Lawyers On Staff)

Sorry.  There are no resources available here at this time.  Please check back later.

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The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
This non-profit group protects and promotes the civil rights of the more than 35 million Latinos living in the United States. They are national in scope and have offices in AZ, CA, GA, IL, NM, TX and Washington DC. Call them even if you live in another state.

See Immigrants and Refugees

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The Homeless

For More See The Homeless

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See Home Matters

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Law In Other States/Fed Law


The Code Of Federal Regulations (CFRs)

The United States Code

For More See Legal Research Links

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National Women's Law Center (202) 588-5180
A public policy group that does research and advocacy on national landmark cases affecting women and their families.  They deal with issues such as abortion, health care, child care, employment and education.  Call them for help, publicity or referrals. 

See Domestic Violence

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Miscellaneous Groups

See Consumer-SOS Main Law Topics

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Lawyer Referrals 

Martindale-Hubble Lawyer Locator (All 50 States & DC)

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Working With Lawyers
Tips On How To Cut Down Costs
Common Problems With Lawyers
Legal Fees

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Tips On How To Cut Down Costs

Ways To Save On Legal Fees (Nolo.com)

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Common Problems With Lawyers

Common Problems-What To Do (Nolo.com)

Understanding New York Law: (Scroll Down Large Document, Can Download It As Well)
Lawyers: Lawyers & Bar Associations Requirements p.179, Malpractice/Bad Ethics pp.190-191 Legal Glossary of Terms pp.195-211

What To Do When You're Mad At Your Lawyer (Nolo.com)

Identifying Problems When Working With Your Lawyer
Also has some tips on what to do about them.

Lawyers & Legal Fees (Consumer-SOS)

Complaints Against Your Lawyer (Consumer-SOS)

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Attorney Grievance Process Explained & Where To Go For Help In New York

New York Attorney Disciplinary Committees (To Find Out About Serious Complaints or To Lodge One)

New York City Attorneys Formally Disciplined Since 2010

Understanding New York Law: (Scroll Down Large Document, Can Download It As Well)
Lawyers: Lawyers & Bar Associations Requirements p.179, Malpractice/Bad Ethics pp.190-191 Legal Glossary of Terms pp.195-211

Where To File A Formal Grievance Against Your Lawyer 
Scroll down to select your state.

Bar Associations In Every State & DC
Links to State Bar Associations and sometimes includes county bar associations as well. 

Lawyers & Legal Malpractice-Firing & Suing Them (Nolo.com)

State Bar Ethics Rules For All States & DC 
Choose your state, select your topics and go. Learn what your lawyer did wrong and what he must do right! Links to the rules and ethical opinions that lawyers must answer to in all 50 states & DC. In some cases may also have the rules that judges must answer to.

The Rules That Govern Lawyers (All 50 States & DC) 
Some links go to all the rules, others go only to rules on Lawyer advertising, solicitations and marketing.
Note: often, these links are just one or two chapters of the rules that govern lawyers. To get all the rules, select your state and when the URL appears, try shortening it by the last few letters.

For example: the link to Kansas offers just rule 7. But you get all the rules if you simply remove the bolded part of http://www.kscourts.org/ctruls/rule7.htm#7.1" and press "enter".

Find The AARP In New York
The AARP offers legal advocacy for seniors and may also have state specific consumer brochures which are available to everyone.

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Lawyers & Legal Fees

Avoiding Grief With A Lawyer (NY)

Confirming Your Arrangement And Discussing Legal Fees
What to ask from the attorney when it comes time to discuss legal fees.

Tips On How To Cut Down Costs 

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