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Tips On Choosing A Health Club/Your Cancellation Rights

Sample Health Club Contract & How To Modify

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Consumer Tips On Choosing A Health Club/Your Rights

Health Clubs & Health Studios (Florida)
Includes your three day cancellation rights, bond requirements and more.

Health Studios (Florida)
Basics on cancellation rights and what the health club must disclose in writing.

Health Clubs (BBB)
General tips on selecting, joining and canceling your health club membership.

Picking The Perfect Gym 
Watch out! The time in which you can cancel the contract is different in every state!

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Where To Complain

Florida Attorney General's Office
The Attorney General's Office enforces Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, which is meant to protect individual consumers and legitimate businesses from various types of illegal conduct in trade or commerce. Pursuant to the Act, the attorney general investigates and files civil actions against persons who engage in unfair methods of competition, unfair, unconscionable or deceptive trade practices, including, but not limited to, pyramid schemes, misleading franchise or business opportunities, travel scams, fraudulent telemarketing, and false or misleading advertising.

The Federal Trade Commission 
For False Advertising Claims.

Search Florida AG's Office For Businesses Under Investigation
Enter in first or second word of  business name but no more.

Legal Aid And Pro bono Help In Florida
Select your county for a directory of links and phone numbers.

A To Z Complaint Guide (Florida Government & Non Profit Directory)
Where to go when you have a problem.

Find Your Local Newspaper, Magazine, Radio & TV Stations
Give them a little bad press and you're bargaining power increases tremendously. Select your state, and then click on your county or city for the proper media to report to. (DC Not Included).

Find The AARP In Florida
The AARP offers legal advocacy for seniors and may also have state specific consumer brochures which are available to everyone.

National Help Orgs For A Variety Of Consumer Problems

The Elderly, Environment, Families, Fraud, Health & Safety, Insurance The Handicapped, Medical Problems, Telemarketing and more.

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Related Topics
Getting Refunds, Replacements Or Repairs