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Florida Attorney General's Office
The Attorney General's Office enforces Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, which is meant to protect individual consumers and legitimate businesses from various types of illegal conduct in trade or commerce. Pursuant to the Act, the attorney general investigates and files civil actions against persons who engage in unfair methods of competition, unfair, unconscionable or deceptive trade practices, including, but not limited to, pyramid schemes, misleading franchise or business opportunities, travel scams, fraudulent telemarketing, and false or misleading advertising.

A To Z Complaint Guide (Florida Government & Non Profit Directory)
Where to go when you have a problem.

Check Overpayment Scams (Florida)

Checking Account Numbers-Don't Give Them Out To Someone Who Called You (Florida)

Sweepstakes (Florida)

Multi-Level Marketing vs. Illegal Pyramid Schemes: How to protect yourself from a bad investment (Florida)

Telemarketing Scams (Florida Publication)

Return Call Scam (Florida)
This scam involves returning calls to the 809, 284 and 876 area codes that originate in the British Virgin Islands.
The caller leaves a message on your answering machine, gives their first name and leaves a message such as “Sorry I missed your call... please call me back I have something important to tell you.”  

Recognize and Avoid Telemarketing Fraud (Florida)

Phishing-Don't Take the Bait (Florida)

Foreign Lottery Scams (Florida)

Recovery Room Scams (Florida)
Targets Consumers who have previously lost money through phony prize promotions, merchandise sales, and charity solicitations.

Spotting Bogus Travel Clubs (Florida)

Internet Email Scams (Florida)
The Top Scams and where to complain.

Overpayment Scams (Florida)
The thief pretends to be an interested buyer from out of town and sends payment in the form of a cashier's check, money order or personal check. The payment typically arrives in an amount greater than the purchase price. Learn how to protect yourself.

Overseas Job Firms (Florida)
What to watch out for.

Work-At-Home Schemes (Florida)

Legal Aid And Pro bono Help In Florida
Select your county for a directory of links and phone numbers.

Investments scams

Tax Evasion Schemes Via Shady Trusts (Florida)
IRS has detected a proliferation of abusive trust tax evasion schemes.

Timeshare Sales and Resales (Florida)
Timeshare scams occur both on the front-end, the time of the original purchase, and at the back-end, when you try to resell the timeshare.

Multilevel Marketing: How To Protect Yourself (Florida)

Investing In Precious Metals (Florida)

Art Fraud (Florida)

Land Sales Scams (Florida)

Lottery Fraud (Florida)

Investing in Wireless Cable (Florida)

Invention Promotion Firms (Florida)

Rare Coin Investment Schemes (Florida)

Search Florida AG's Office For Businesses Under Investigation
Enter in first or second word of  business name but no more.

Avoiding Telemarketing Fraud (Florida)
Real basic.

Sweepstakes (Florida)

Unsolicited Facsimile Transmissions (Florida)
Florida Statute s.365.1657(1) provides: "It is unlawful for any person to use a machine that electronically transmits facsimiles of documents through connection with a telephone network to transmit within this state unsolicited advertising material for the sale of any real property, goods or services."

Fake Check Schemes
It all starts when someone gives you a realistic-looking check or money order and asks you to send cash somewhere in return. It's phony, Even if you can cash it, your bank will demand you pay back the money.

A List Of Scams & Tips Against Them

Internet Scams That Trick You To Reveal Your Passwords & Personal Data
So, You got a message that your email account/credit card will be canceled unless you click on the link below.  Well it could be a trap!!!!!  And you could be duped into giving information to a bogus look alike website which has nothing to do with your provider/credit card, etc.

Collecting A Debt-Legal Ways To Locate Someone's Bank Account If They're Hiding Money From You

Internet Crime Complaint Center
IFCC offers a central repository for law enforcement regarding Internet fraud, works to quantify fraud patterns, and provides timely statistical data of current fraud trends.

National Fraud Information Center
Where to report internet and other types of fraud.

Classic Cons... And How to Counter Them   
ATM scams, Nigerian scams, credit card fraud, debt relief fraud, identity theft, investment fraud, telemarketing fraud, the phony investigator and more.

Other Scams And Tips Against Them

bulletThe Unlucky Traveler
bulletThe Man Who Needs Gas
bulletATM Scams
bulletPrivacy & ID Theft
bulletSweepstakes & Lotteries 
bullet Personal Finance-Related Schemes 
bullet Employment Schemes
bulletTelephone Solicitations 
bullet Home Improvement & Home Repair Frauds 
bullet The Phony Inheritance Scam 
bullet Receipt Of Unsolicited Merchandise 
bullet Missing Persons Fraud Scheme 
bullet Prison Pen Pal Money Order Scam 
bulletFraudulent Health and Medical Products
bulletSecured Credit Card Marketing Scams

Avoiding Office Supply Scams (FTC Brochure with Links)

Business Scams (The 6 Most Common)

See also Scam-Proofing your Business

National Help Orgs For A Variety Of Consumer Problems
The Elderly, Environment, Families, Fraud, Health & Safety, Insurance The Handicapped, Medical Problems, Telemarketing and more.