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Divorce & Marriage

Name Changes (Consumer-SOS)

Divorcesource.com (All 50 States & DC)
Learn everything about your state residency requirements, where to file, property distribution and support & custody issues.  

Divorce.net (All 50 States & DC)
Scroll down to your state for divorce related issues such as child custody, dividing property, establishing paternity, Enforcing child support orders and  much, much more.

Can A Creditor Demand Payment From Me Even When My Divorce Decree Says My Spouse Must Pay off This Loan?
Absolutely. Regardless of what the divorce decree says, the lender is still free to collect from anyone who signed for the loan. The divorce agreement is simply the court ordering which of the two debtors should be responsible. The lender, who was never at the hearing to represent itself, is not bound by this decision. While the court has no power over the lender, it still has power over you and your ex-spouse.  So if your ex spouse is not following the court order, get the court to intervene and compel their compliance. 

Divorce Central (All 50 States & DC)
Info on
grounds for divorce, alimony, custody and support. Also has links to state help groups such as the courts, Department Of Human Resources and legal aid.

Claiming Dependants On Your Taxes
Here are the 5 tests used to determine if you can take a federal tax deduction. Includes information on custodial and non-custodial parents.

For Specific Tax Rules and Examples click Here and scroll to your situation.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act - SCRA (Google)
The SCRA provides a wide range of benefits and protections to those in military service who are on active duty. This includes special treatment of service members in court proceedings. It can also affect your child custody case in significant ways too.

SCRA covers issues such as civil judicial proceedings, rental agreements, security deposits, prepaid rent, evictions, installment contracts, phone payment plans, credit card interest rates and credit reporting/debt collection, mortgage interest rates, mortgage foreclosures, automobile leases, life insurance, health insurance and income tax payments. The SCRA also provides certain benefits and protections to service member dependents.

Marriage & Divorce Laws of the Fifty States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
This table links to the marriage & divorce laws of the states and attempts to summarize some of their salient points. 

States That Recognize Common Law Marriage (See Common Law Marriage FAQ)

FAQs On Marriage & Name Changes (Not State Specific)
Includes keeping your maiden name or hyphenating it.

Where To Write For Vital Records (50 States & DC)
For birth, death and marriage certificates, divorce papers and more.

Divorce Decrees & Credit (Myths)

How To Protect Your Credit In A Divorce

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDROs) Booklet
Things to consider relating to your pension savings if you’re getting a divorce.

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