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Finding People Through The Internet-Step By Step
1. When The Person's Whereabouts Are Unknown
2. Internet Phone Books
3. Listing What You Know About The Person 
4. Search Engines
5. Special Search Engines 
6. Search Tricks

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1. Finding People When You Don't Know Their Whereabouts
When you don't know where someone lives, look for National Directories and search for them just by name. The goal is to get their city and state so you can look for them locally. (To find women who may have married, click here.)   

A good directory will give you the person's address, phone number or at least the city and state where the record was obtained. You may also be able to learn their profession or something else useful.  

Your first stop should be the Age lookup sites. These sites are far more comprehensive than the Internet Phone books, which omit people with unlisted numbers. Age lookup sites will help you identify the person by their name, their age and even the people they've lived with. You may also learn the city and state where the person is living now.

Search Tips For Age Lookup Sites: When looking for someone, enter their first and last name only.  Ignore the box for age, state, middle name, etc. Being too specific could cause you to miss a name because the data gatherer entered the wrong age or forgot a middle initial.

Once you get a hit, find their address or phone number through
Zabasearch or the Internet Phone Books.

To learn even more, search for them through General and Specialized Search Engines such as Google, their state, county and city homepages, their chat groups, their state bar/professional association, local newspapers, court records, etc. See Also Finding People By Their Photos

Still no luck? Then look for relatives in their home state, i.e. people with the same surname. Also, contact the "possible relatives" that were listed on the age lookup sites.

A relative by birth or marriage may be your yellow brick road to the person you're looking for.

Good National Directories Include

Internet Phone Directories
Search Engines (like Google and Yahoo)
Age/Birthday Records (Find Their Zip Code To Get City & State Info)
Death Records
Federal Records such as the FAA Pilot Registry, Federal Bureau Of Prisons or database of Federal Campaign Contributors
Search Engines That List Professionals such as Doctors and Lawyers (i.e. Martindale Hubble Directory)

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Finding People On The Internet

2.The Internet White Pages/People Search Sites
Don't stop with one. Try several of them for a thorough search.

You're most likely to score when you know the person's name and address or at least the city they live in. Some sites also offer reverse lookups, where you can find a person's name just from a phone number or an address.

No hits?  Try shortening the person's first name to an initial or Nick Name. This allows you to find those people (usually women) who avoid use of their full name.

For tough cases, see step three.

3. Make A List Of All You Know About The Person.


A. Contact Information Such as
Their first, last and middle name (if known), nickname, maiden name, dating profile name, city or state where they live or once lived, all known cell phone and land line #s, all known addresses and email addresses, website addresses, companies they've owned or worked for, names of friends or relatives and the last time you heard of them or from them.

B. Other Identifiers that Make Them Unique (And Can Help Distinguish Them From Other Leads with the Same Name)
Race, gender, age, nationality, place of birth, height, weight, build, hair color, religion, former schools, hobbies, interests, languages spoken, professional background, tattoos, birthmarks, unusual features, disabilities (blind, deaf, bi-polar...), certifications/degrees, fraternity/sorority/other affiliations, etc.  Even if you know almost nothing, put it down anyway. The Internet is teeming with information and anything might prove useful later on.

For example, I found an ex-girlfriend of 9 years back knowing only she spoke Russian and once lived in Ohio.

Putting her name in quotes, I combed the major search engines and found a letter she once sent to a Russian newspaper.  This letter gave me the city and state she currently lived in. With this information, it was easy to find the home page of her city government and also to look up their local court records.

Sure enough, my ex-girlfriend had gotten a traffic ticket back in 1989. This ticket proved invaluable as it listed her name, address, age and telephone number. Although she obviously didn't live there anymore, it was still worth looking into.  Through a reverse search on the phone number, I found her father, who after 12 years was still living at the same address! I called him and got her number.

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4. Use The Big Search Engines ie GOOGLE, YAHOO, Etc.
 Start with Google first. Do a search with the person's name in quotes i.e. "Jon Doe" or "Carol Smith". Also try their last name first i.e. "Smith, Carol".

For a thorough search, try other variations such as using their middle name.

For example, you could get different hits with:

"John Smith"
"John L Smith"
"John Lewis Smith"
"John Smith, L"
"John Smith, L" Atlanta
John Smith (No Quotes) (for hits with spouse i.e. John and Mary Smith)

To refine your search, add the person's city or state (if known) or add other terms.  For example.  If your friend speaks Russian, try "Jon Doe" Russian. If you know Jon was once in the Army, try "Jon Doe" army.

With unusual or rare first/last names, try leaving off the  name that's common.  This is a good thing to do especially when searching for a woman who may have married or stopped using her maiden name.

Don't forget to search by Nick Name. For example, "Elizabeth" might be found under "Libby", "Richard" under "Dick", etc.

Once you get to a desired web page, find the name quickly through a mini-search. On your keyboard, hold down the control key and the letter "F". When the search screen appears, type the one word you're looking for and click Find Next. Click "Find Next" again to go further down the page where that word appears again.

Googling People By Their Address, Phone # or Email

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5. Use Specialized Search Engines.
Search engines abound to locate, Regular People, Military Personnel, Classmates, Doctors, Birth Parents, Genealogies, Lawyers, Veterans, Smokers, etc. They are also good for tracing people through their Chat Groups, clubs & associations.

Never forget to search the home page of the city and county government where the person once lived. There you will find access to local information such as court records, marriages, births, deaths, clubs and community news. 

Have an address with a bad phone #? Use reverse lookups (address or phone) to get the names or phone numbers of the person's neighbors. Then call them for more information.

Also checkout the county tax assessor, which sometimes lists the names and addresses of property owners within its jurisdiction. To locate this agency via GOOGLE, plug in the terms  "X county" "Tax assessor".

 To find more information, do a word search in the local newspapers and/or check out the homepage of the local library.

On line local papers are truly an invaluable source.  Papers in small towns will publish anything, including obituaries, letters to the editor and local events missed by other search engines. You may learn your subject got married, or rescued a cat from a tree or became a school teacher.  Even if you can't find the person you're looking for, perhaps you'll find one of their friends or relatives who can point you in the right direction. And don't forget to use your search tricks.

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6. Search Tricks
.Find Names in The Internet Phone Books, See Internet White Pages.
.In Search Engines, Put first and last name in Quotes i.e. "John Doe".
.Narrow searches by adding new terms.
.Look for city and county local websites.
.Find Specialized Search Engines.
.Comb The Local Newspapers.
.Search for words within a website or document via "Control F".
.See the Search Tool Chart For How To Work Each Search  

To find prior versions of a website that has changed or is gone,
Use the Google Cache feature below your Google return.


Plug the web address into the Way Back Machine by entering the website URL in the search box and hitting "take me back". This works great when you're searching for a person or thing that is no longer listed, but present on earlier versions of the site. Click Here For prior snapshots of www.consumer-sos.com.

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The Control F Function

Use shortcuts to instantly find terms within websites, large documents and attachments.

For PDF (Adobe files), you can search for words by clicking on the Binoculars Icon found at the top of the page.

Use "Control F" to search within Websites emails, Word, Excel or PowerPoint: 

  1. You must be on the screen of what you want to search;
  2. Left click on a blank space at the top of the screen or document (where there are no links);
  3. While holding down the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard, press the letter "F";
    >>>A Gray Search Box will appear.
  4. Type in one term (make sure there no spaces before or after such);
  5. Click "next";
    >>>Your cursor will move to the first point where the term appears.
  6. Click "next" again and again to search for other instances;
    (In Excel, you must repeat steps 1-6 in each tab you wish to search.)
  7. For best results, search for words in their simplest form.

Example: A search for "Cat" will also find "Cats" but not vice versa.
But a search for "Company" will not find "Companies" (spelling change).

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Control F Troubleshooting
If your search term wasn’t found,
Did you:

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Finding Women

Married and divorced women are harder to find if they've had a name change. 

To Background or Locate Such a Person: 

See Finding People By First Name Only (Consumer-SOS)

See More on Finding By Maiden Name

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Googling Women To Find Their New Surname

Marriages are often publicly announced through newspapers, 
gift registries, alumni news, blogs, wedding announcements, etc.

To find your subject's new surname, simply click Here (Google).
Your Google search box should display:
"Jane Doe" marriage
While in the Google search box, replace the name in quotes with the name of your subject.
To be thorough, search again and again while using the various synonyms for marriage.

marrying married matrimony wedding weddings wedded betrothed
Still too Many Hits? Then narrow it down by adding
their last known city or state.

"Jane Doe" marriage Georgia
or "Jane Doe" marriages Atlanta Georgia

See Finding People By First Name Only

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Finding People By Their First name
This works best when the first name is rare or has a rare spelling. To eliminate false leads you must still know something distinctive about the person such as their age, hobbies, profession, city, state, etc. See Listing What You Know About The Person 


  1. Find a state or national database that allows you to search by first name only. Then enter their first name, and if known, also their state. Intellius is good because it will return a last name and the subject's age. It may also group the subject with others who have lived in the same household such as their spouses, children or parents. To search Peopledata.com (ages may be wrong) type in the first name, press a space and then enter the letter "a" For example: menda a or minelva a.

    If you get too many hits, enter the first name in a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Put in extra terms to narrow it down.  For example: for that bilingual former classmate of yours enter: Minelva Spanish Georgia.  For the musician you met at the bookstore try: Mehgan ukulele Texas.  Add or remove terms to reduce or increase hits. Extra terms could include a city, their occupation, the name of a child, or another hobby. See Listing What You Know About The Person 

  2. For Intellius results, weed out subjects clearly older or younger than your target. If you find your subject by age, look them up in the phone book or background them as you would anyone else.
  3. If your subject's age is not listed and their are several names without an age beside them, run their first and last names though other age search engines. It may be you'll get their age that way.  If successful see step 1.A.
  4. Note: Don't forget to do the same with any household members as well.
    Knowing the ages of other household members will help you decide if these are children, spouses, parents or false leads. Again, you're looking for any clue to single out your target.
  5. No Luck?  Then enter their first name in the local newspapers where you believe the subject lives or once lived. Don't forget to narrow your hits with other search terms. See Step 1.A.
  6. Still no Luck? See Finding Women Who Have Married Or Divorced

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Finding People With Common Names

Don't use this guide until you first read How To Find People Through The Internet Step By Step.

A common name such as John Smith, can get you thousands of multiple listings.  Obviously going through every one of them would take an eternity. But don't despair. Your "John Smith" can still be found.  All you have to do, is cross reference things unique about him  to narrow your leads.  Once you know your subject's age, middle name or living patterns, it's easy to find your mark.

For example: California may have ten thousand John Smith's.  But how many were Harvard grads from 1977, have a wife named Mora and now live in West Hampton? Not too many I bet.  And of these John Smiths, how many are 47 years old and have lived in Sacramento, Boston and Austin?  Even fewer no doubt.

Yes. With cross referencing, you can find the people who match your subject's age, middle name, travel patterns, profession, education,  etc.  And from there the search can be narrowed to the one person who fits the bill. Here's How:

  1. First, find out all you can about them through special search engines, obituaries, bios (if famous) newspaper stories, etc. Then write it all down. Include their name, age, city or state they once lived in, last known address, hobbies, interests, profession, name of relatives or spouse(s), colleges, etc. For An Overview, See Using A Bio To Background Someone.

  2. Search for the subject's first and last Name on Google or ussearch.com. Write down any new information you learn and don't forget to look them up by their possible nicknames. (Use "Control F" to search for names within the nickname website.)

    Note: if you find your mark, stop here and do a typical background search.  Still not sure you have the right subject? Then see the next step below.

  3. Narrow your findings to those people about the same age as your subject (as indicated by their bio, college graduation date, newspaper summaries, ussearch, obituaries or other sources).

  4. See Also Finding People By Their Photos

  5. Narrow findings to those who live or once lived near any place mentioned in step 1. This information can be quickly obtained from age websites that list the subject's city, state or Zip Code. Ussearch and Intelius are great for confirming ages and list the city and state where the subject lived. (To get city and state through reverse Zip Code lookup, click Here.

  6. Narrow findings even further to those who work or once worked near any place listed in step 1. (i.e. same state and/or nearby city). Note: People tend to work close to where they live.  Simply narrow your search to those subjects who lived near where your target works or has previously worked. For An Overview, See Using A Bio To Background Someone.

  7. Narrow findings to those who have spouses with the same name and living patterns as your subject's. This can be a two step process. First, repeat all prior steps but now use the name of their spouse. Second, if your search turns up multiple listings, simply cross reference the places where these two people lived together. For example, The "Mora J Smith" found in Sacramento, Boston and Austin is likely the wife of the "John P Smith" who lived in Sacramento, Boston and Austin.

    See Cross Referencing Spouses To Get A Hit

  8. Search for one of their-easier-to-find friends or relatives who can tell you more about your subject, i.e. phone #, last address, etc.

  9. Once you are almost certain of your target, do a Google search. Put the name in quotes (try with and without middle name).  Get too many hits? Then Refine Your Search. A Google search may tell you even more about your target or confirm you've got a hit.

  10. Then look up the person in the Internet White Pages or do a typical background search.

  11. Search Pipl or other social agregators, by email address, username, phone # or an address they once had. The goal here is to pull up the exact person connected with this information, and not just a list of people with the same name. Doing it in reverse like this can get you the exact John Smith that once had that phone number along with any new contact information. With Pipl you can also click on their relatives and background them as well. You may even want to do a Pipl name search starting with a relative (if they don't have a common name) and then click on your subject when they appear as a relative.

    See Using A Bio To Background Someone.

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Using A Bio To Background Someone
The Bio (Highlighting Names, Ages and Places)
Cross Referencing Spouses To Get A Hit
Piecing It All Together

See Also
Finding People With Common Last Names
Finding People On The Internet-Step By Step

Bio Of Francis Comerforl (CEO Found on A Media Network Website)

Color Key

Formerly the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the PBC Television Stations Division, Frank Comerforl was named President and General Manager of WPBC, effective July 12, 2002.

Comerforl has led the station group to record sales -- a major achievement in the recent challenging ad market.

Comerforl, a 23-year TV veteran, has been overseeing sales and marketing for PBC's owned-and-operated stations since 1999. Previously, he had served as head of sales for WPBC since 1994. Under his leadership, PNBC broke numerous sales records and surpassed the competition as the top billing television station in the New York marketplace. Under his watch, WPBC supported numerous community based campaigns, launching "Wednesday's Child," one of the most successful programs in the nation to help place foster children in permanent homes.


Comerforl joined PBC from Storer Broadcasting Company, where he held a variety of sales management positions, culminating as General Sales Manager at WSBK-TV in Boston.

Honored as "Volunteer of the Year" by the Friends of RSVP, Inc. (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program of the Community Service Society), Comerforl has been proud of his work as a GE/PBC Elfun Society volunteer at the Manhattan School of Science and Math.

Comerforl graduated Georgetown University in 1977, and holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration and Finance.

A native New Yorker, Comerforl and his wife Maura currently maintain residence in both Brooklyn and Long Island.

See Using A Bio To Background Someone

Piecing It All Together

Hi Luanne:

You asked me to find out if PBC Exec. Frank Comerforl is your uncle or a close relative.  It looks like he's not your uncle but he still may be related.  My first stop was to go to the PBC website and look for his Bio. There were many Frank Comerforls and it took some time to locate your subject with certainty.  However, with the information from his Bio I was able to pinpoint your man.  At that point it was easy to find him through the search engines.

This big wig actually has a listed # under the name Francis.
According to the bio I sent you, he's married to "Maura" and maintains a residence in both Brooklyn and Long Island. He also works in Manhattan for PBC and can certainly afford and probably has bought an apartment there.
Formerly he worked in Boston, MA (probably took his wife too).
A "ussearch" on Maura and Francis Comerforl found the following:
Although these names are quite common, both a Francis and Maura Comerforl live or have lived in Westhampton, Long Island, Massachusetts and NY,NY. This suggests they are husband and wife.  This particular Francis has a middle name of "X" (very unusual)  and he also lives in Brighton NY. (Brooklyn)  So Francis X Comerforl has lived in every single place mentioned in the Bio of Big PBC Exec Frank Comerforl.  Who by the way should be about 47 years old if he graduated Georgetown in 1977.
I did a white page lookup on him and found a
 247 86th St
Brooklyn, NY 11210

(718) 749-8180
This looks like the same man in the PBC bio. I also confirmed through Any birthday.com that he's 47 years old (was born in 1955). Also found a Frank E. Comerforl with the exact same birth date and the same Brooklyn Zip Code as the above subject.

I then put his full name in Google. From this I learned that Francis X. went to high school in Hackensack, NJ and Graduated in 1973.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find him in the The Georgetown University Alumni website.  Although he went to school there, I didn't. And only GU alumni have access to the website.

Google also turned up a genealogy discussion forum where the subject actually lists his close relatives! See below.

Relatives of Francis X Comerforl
I grew up and live in NYC. We trace our family back through Pa. & NYC
My Father was Edward Francis COMERFORL Jr.
Grandfather was Edward Francis COMERFORL
Great Grandfather was Nicholas COMERFORL
I am not sure about his father's first name.
I think he was born in NYC or emigrated to NYC and died in Pa.
Any info you may have would be appreciated.

See Using A Bio To Background Someone

Cross Referencing Spouses To Get A Hit

Note: US search will often list the same individual several times if they've moved around a lot. The bolded entries have been color coded to show where both people have lived in common. Given their names and locations, it's almost certain they are the husband and wife duo described in the WPBC Bio.

See Using A Bio To Background Someone

See Also Finding People With Common Last Names

PO Box Lookup-Finding A Business Or Person Through Their Post Office Box

FOR BUSINESSES: Good for revealing the business behind the blind job ad, for backgrounding fraudulent businesses, or for any business that’s hard to investigate. Find the name of the business, whether they do business under assumed names, and who else they’re connected with.  Also good for finding the physical location of the PO box and at times, the name of the PO Box Owner.

See Also Is The Address A Concealed PO Box or Mail Drop? (Consumer-SOS)

FOR INDIVIDUALS: Good for finding the physical location of the PO box and at times, the name of the PO Box Owner. May also lead to websites or chat rooms frequented by the individual or those they're connected with.

Strategy: On Google, enter the PO Box #, state and Zip Code to learn the name of the PO Box Owner or Business.  Several names may turn up which could either identify your subject or reveal who they're associated with.  Then background all your relevant leads.


Suppose you receive junk mail from a new business called The Matrix. Their flyer says they do home repair and that they're located at Post Office Box 12345” NY, NY 10022.

But when you Google "Matrix and "home repair" you find no one's ever heard of them. And your search with the Better Business Bureau and Secretary of State gets you nothing.


Google the PO Box # State and Zip Code exactly as shown below. 

"PO Box 12345" NY 10022 (Always put the PO Box # in quotes and abbreviate the state)

Next, eliminate all irrelevant hits. Hits which don't have the correct PO box and Zip Code all in the same paragraph, should be ignored.

Note: You may still get multiple returns.
This could mean the company or individual is using a different name or, that the data has been posted in different places. It could also be that your search has turned up the prior owner of the PO Box. The important thing is to find a business, person, physical address or phone number, i.e. anything you can further investigate.

See Also US Postal Form To Obtain Physical Address of PO or Drop Box (For Service of Legal Process)

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Is The Address A Concealed PO Box or Mail Drop?
An address may list the word "Suite" or "Apartment" to disguise that it’s really a concealed mail drop. Below is a partial list of mail drops and other non-physical addresses. Stop looking if your address appears there. But don’t assume the address is real because it wasn’t found in the first place you looked. No listing is by any means complete. So it pays to search at least two of them.

Step 1 (Search For Address in The Listings Below)

Melissadata Address Check
Verifies if address is legit, reveals if it's a concealed mail drop, and lists who may live there, even does so for NYC apartment buildings.

Show My Street
nstantly shows photos of the house or building as you're typing the address! If it doesn't then take off the suite #. A photo may show the address is just a concealed mail drop and not a real suite or business. (this is obvious when it's just a strip mall with a UPS, Staples or Mailboxes Etc.
For more, see
Other Street View Lookups (Google Search)

Find the Locations of over 40,000 Drop Boxes (UPS, Staples, Office Depot, etc.)
Ignore all other fields and enter in only the Zip Code of the address you want to verify. A huge list will appear, but you can stop looking if you’ve searched all locations within your Zip Code.

US PO Box & Drop Box Directory
Ignore all other fields and enter in only the Zip Code of the address you want to verify. Stop looking if you’ve searched all locations within your Zip Code.

Directory of US Post Offices
Under options, select, "Post Office Locations", ignore all other fields and search by Zip Code only. If you don’t find the address, go back to options, select "Automated Postal Centers and search again.

UPS Store Locator
Enter in the Zip Code. If you find the address, it’s not a real physical address.

Remailing Services-A Directory of Mail Drops & Mail Boxes
Select city and state to see if your address is listed as a mail drop.

In Google Maps enter the word "mail" and the Zip Code of the address you’re looking for.
Mail 30319

At left a partial directory of drop boxes will appear. If you see your address, stop searching for it’s not a physical address at all. Note: You’ll get pages and pages of addresses, but do not search past the Zip Code you’re looking for. (Usually the first page or two). To see the Zip Code of an address, simply click on the blue link. The Zip Code will appear on the Map.

US Postal Form To Obtain Physical Address of PO or Drop Box (For Service of Legal Process)

Step 2
If You Can't Find The Address, Google the Main Part in Quotes.

Often this will reveal the address to be a UPS, Staples or Mailboxes Etcetera location.
For example, the address below is a concealed drop box that was missing from many of the drop box directories.

3522 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., Ste. 141
Atlanta, GA 30319

With the main part in quotes, do a Google search with
"3522 Ashford Dunwoody" (omit rd dr, suite, city, or state, etc.)

Note the 8th entry down shows this is just a UPS location.

Step 3:
Still Unsure? Then Ask The Post Office What Type Of Address This Is.
If you have an address and are not sure what it is, or if it's even a real address, then go to The US Post Office Website and look up the address and phone # for the post office that delivers to the address. Then call that post office and ask them if they know what's located at that address. Simply ask if it is a residential address, or if it's an office building of some sort. Also ask if they know if the address is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) like a Mailboxes Etc. or UPS Store. The post office is not required to answer these types of questions, but they can if they want to. 90% of the time they’ll tell you what you need to know.

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Googling People By Their Address, Phone # or Email
KNOWING THEIR NAME IS NOT THE SAME AS KNOWING WHO THEY ARE. To find out more about their background or who they associate with, enter their number, email, or address in Google and the other search engines. Through Google you may learn if your subject is a famous politician, a convicted murderer or belongs to your local fitness club.

Googling An Address (Consumer-SOS)

Googling A Phone Number (Consumer-SOS)

Googling An Email Address (Consumer-SOS)

PO Box Lookup-Finding If The Address Is Really A Concealed PO Box Or Finding A Business Or Person Through Their Post Office Box (Consumer-SOS)

Back to Find & Background People By Their Public Records

Googling An Address
You can never predict if the search engines will pick up all or just a portion of the address . Therefore, start with as little as possible. Add more terms only if you get too many irrelevant hits. For example: If your neighbor's address is 2422 Morosgo Ct NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

first enter
2422 Morosgo
If you get too many hits or irrelevant returns, try
"2422 Morosgo"   (put the phrase in quotes to narrow your search)
Also try
"2422 Morosgo Ct"
"2422 Morosgo Court"
"2422 Morosgo Ct"  Atlanta

and finally

"2422 Morosgo" NE  Atlanta

In addition, you can then background any business, organization or individual associated with this address.

See Googling A Phone Number (Consumer-SOS)

See Googling An Email Address (Consumer-SOS)

See Also

PO Box Lookup-Finding A Business Or Person Through Their Post Office Box (Consumer-SOS)

Back to Find & Background People By Their Public Records

Googling A Phone Number

Try various combinations. Note that each variation can yield different results.

See examples below:

  1. 404-816-6163        (Dashes)
  2. (404) 816-6163     (Parentheses)
  3. 4048166163           (number)
  4. 404.816.6163         (points instead of dashes)

See Googling An Address (Consumer-SOS)

See Googling An Email Address (Consumer-SOS)

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Googling An Email Address
To Find Out Where They Work
To Find Them By Their Other Email Addresses

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Find & Background People By Their Public Records

To Find Out Where They Work
At first put in their full email address.
If you get no hits, try a partial address.

If it appears to be a business email address, (not Yahoo or Hotmail or Bellsouth, etc.),
Google just the last part of the address to get where they work.

For example: if the address is  "firestone@dol.state.ga.us"
Googling "@dol.state.ga.us"  gets you information on both " the company, as well as the employees who work there.

see for example,


Nothing turns up when you Google "johnsmith@accmhs.allegan.mi.us"

But search for "@accmhs.allegan.mi.us"

and you'll see he works at a community health center in Allegheny, PA. From there you may be able to find him in the company directory or background him through city, state and county records.

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To Find Them By Their Other Email Addresses

Suppose you're looking for an old school friend, but the most recent hits are from 2001. Or maybe, you get only recent information and want to know their past.
For more leads, just google the first part of their email address.
For example:

This works because as creatures of habit,  people will often use the same combination of numbers or letter regardless of whether they're @ Yahoo, Bellsouth or Hotmail.
While tracking an old acquaintance from the Lenox School,
I came across her email
zbdubin@comcast.net  (not her real email address)
Googling it got limited results.
However, googling just  the prefix
"zbdubin" got me  
These links gave me valuable clues as to where she works, where she went to camp and who she's married to.

See Googling An Address (Consumer-SOS)

See Googling A Phone Number (Consumer-SOS)

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Use the online phone books if you know their name and location and just want to call them. Otherwise, you'll need to learn more by backgrounding them. Backgrounding helps eliminate false leads, such as when their name is very common, or you get hits in many states. It's also good for finding married or divorced women who now have a different surname.

Other Ways To Find Or Background Them

  1.     Find them on Facebook Myspace, Twitter, etc. Female classmates can often be found by both their maiden and married names. Select 2-3 people you remember and look them up on Facebook. Still not sure if the fat balding guy is the same guy you used to have lunch with? To confirm you have the right person, see if he lists any classmates that both of you know.

    Facebook allows you to "View Friends" to see all of their Facebook friends, If this is your former classmate, you're bound to know some of them. or at least find that many of his friends are from the same city and state where you both met each other. Otherwise it just may be the wrong guy. The great thing is they never need to know you were scoping them out. Unless, of course, you decide to add them as one of your friends. Even without doing so, you'll still be able to view their photo and see the city and state they now live in. At that point you can use non-Facebook sources to either contact them or further background them.

    To find more classmates you both know in common, see
    Finding their Friends, Associates & Relationships.

  2.     The Alumni Section or alumni association of your school’s Home Page may have the classmate’s address, email address or phone number. If your subject is a woman who has divorced or married, it may even list her new surname.

    Can’t find your alumni section?  Look around for their site's search engine (many schools have them) and type in the word “Alumni”. Then search for their alumni directories or associations. If you cannot find your school's homepage, go directly to Google and type the school's name in quotes, i.e. "Tulane University".

    Next, do a Google Search for your subject’s last name within the website itself . (Google can sometimes find things within a site faster than the site's own search engine!). Search Here to Google the websites of major universities. Or, just enter the last name in the Find Results box and then enter your school's website address lower down to the right of the "domain" box. (leave out the "http" or "www") This may tell you if they’ve been married, where they live, or give you other news such as their profession, births, deaths, etc.

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  3.      Age lookup sites are far more comprehensive than Internet phone books. (Omit state and search with and without middle initial). These will often list the subject’s age and relatives along with the cities and states where they once lived or currently reside. Sometimes they’ll include a middle name or even who they live with! Note that with US Search you just click on your target name for the cities and states where the person lived or now resided in. If none of them are familiar, you probably have the wrong person and should click on your next lead. Try several age look up sites. ZabaSearch might even return a current address or phone number.

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  5.      Google your subject’s name, address, phone number, etc.
    Plug it all into Google and see what else you can find.

  6.     Classmates.com is by far the most extensive Alumni Finder. Sign up for their free service to search for alumni.

    In Classmates, find out many of the schools they attended by entering in the person's first and last name. Note: these schools are only those your subject has reported voluntarily. So there may be errors or omissions.

    Once you obtain schools your subject has attended, Google the person's name and school to find even more leads.

    Examples: "Graham Firestone" Stuyvesant
    and "Graham firestone" "Arizona State"  (compound words should be in quotes to keep them together)

    If you know all the schools or colleges they attended, select "schools" or "colleges" and then "browse schools" or "browse Colleges". Note you can learn if a woman is now married or divorced, for when you click on her name, a different or hyphenated name will appear up top. Repeat steps #2 and #3 if her name has changed.

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  7.      Internet Phone Books work best when you know their last name and the city and state they live in. See ZabaSearch if you still can't find the number.

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