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Home  Georgia  Cars & Motor Vehicles

Used Car

The site includes book values for used vehicles and lets you adjust for mileage, transmission and air-conditioning.

Offers in depth information on used cars and tells you what to expect for your trade-in.  To learn what your used car is worth, punch in its make, model, year and mileage.  Through their price index of accessories, you can then factor in the value of add-ons such as whether your car has a stereo or alarm.

Kelly Blue Book
Pricing on new and used autos.
The Web site lists both wholesale and retail prices for most cars and takes into account various levels of condition.                        

Auto Trader
Prices new and used cars according to make, model, year and mileage. 

CarMax & Auto Nation
These stores have a no-haggle policy and offer a wide selection of vehicles, some with warranties. They may not be the cheapest around, but it's worth it if you hate to negotiate.

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 "As Is” Purchases
The Georgia lemon law is of no help to used car buyers.  Depending on your situation, a used car may come with or without warrantiesA used car is bought "as is" or without warrantee if the seller does not make any promises about the car's condition. 

"As is" is a legal term with obvious meaning.  It simply means that what you see is what you get.  When you make such purchases you have no right to a refund and the seller need not repair your car under any circumstances.  If you buy a car "as is" you're stuck with it-unless you can somehow persuade the seller to give you a refund.

Never spend serious money on an "as is" car without first having it tested by an independent mechanic or car diagnostic service.  If the car has more wrong with it then you first thought, you can shop elsewhere or get the seller to knock down the price.  Car Checkers Of America (770) 514-8100 charges around $90-$110 for a complete inspection.  

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Learning About A Car's  Prior Defects
Car dealers are more apt to offer a cheaper price when it's obvious you know all about the car's checkered past.  Shop smart and ask your dealer for a history of prior repairs.  If you cannot get a repair history, there are several competing companies that can furnish this information for under $40. 

With A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) you can receive a report indicating whether there are odometer discrepancies, whether the car was once totaled, whether the car was repossessed or used as a taxi or police car, or if the car suffered from prior flood damage, etc...

Cheap Vehicle Histories

Carfax   (800) 346-3846 or


Auto Services (888) 324-0545

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 Getting A Refund From A Used Car Dealer vs. A Private One-Time  Seller
When trouble starts, you're more likely to get a refund from a used car dealer than from a private or one-time seller.  This is because a dealer's livelihood depends on his public image and his compliance with state licensing laws. Note: In Georgia, used car dealers not part of a franchise must be licensed with The Georgia State Board Of Registration Of Used Motor Vehicle And Parts Dealers
(478) 207-2440.  It is this agency which prosecutes claims against dealers and can revoke their licenses. 

Aside from licensing laws, dealers must worry about their reputation in the market place.  An individual one-time seller faces none of these concerns and is therefore harder to persuade.

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Internet Resources For New Cars

This user-friendly site offers in depth information on both new and used cars.  Find out if you're getting a good deal by comparing the car's manufacturer's suggested retail price with what the dealer really paid for it.  This site also tells you what you should expect for your trade-in. To learn what your used car is worth, punch in its make, model, year and mileage.  This site even factors in the value of add-ons such as whether the car has a stereo or alarm.

This comprehensive site allows you to call up invoices for almost all models and has an invaluable listing of all the latest rebates and incentives.  The site also includes book values for used vehicles and lets you adjust for mileage, transmission and air-conditioning.  This site is invaluable for those who want to know every extra item available for the type of car they wish to purchase.

Prices new and used cars according to make, model, year and mileage.  Select a city from their extensive list and you'll be directed to the nearest dealership with the car you're looking for.

Lists the best rates on car loans.

Compare new models side-by-side to find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Find out about the consumer rebates and
dealer incentives that can save you hundreds of dollars or more. 

Bankrate Monitor
Lists the best rates on car loans.

Licensed in at least 40 states, E-LOAN allows consumers to apply for a car loan via e-mail. On this site, consumers can also search for the best rates on mortgages and home equity loans and credit cards. It costs nothing to apply for a loan and your application will get a response within 24 to 48 hours.

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Getting Your Car Fixed While Still Under Warrantee
Have a mechanic inspect your car for problems just before your warranty expires.  Then give your dealer the list of needed repairs and get your car fixed for free!  Car Checkers Of America (770) 514-8100 charges $85-$99 for a complete inspection.  The money spent on the inspection may save you ten-fold.

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Provides well written, authoritative advice on buying auto, life, home and other insurance as well as dealing with insurers.  Their articles cover topics such as spotting flood damage in a used cars to HMOs in financial trouble. Buyers can search for firms offering specific coverage in their state and can check a company's strength.  You can also link to insurance companies, quote services and agents, but the selling is done off the site.

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Help Agencies/Reporting Bad Car Dealers, 
 Sellers & Repair Shops, Etc.

Georgia Office Of Consumer Affairs (404) 651-8600
                                 (800) 869-1123  

Georgia State Board Of Registration Of Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealers 
This organization regulates only independent dealers. For dealer franchises call the Attorney General's Office of Consumer affairs.  

List Of  U.S. Car Manufacturers (Includes Links)
Plus some tips on resolving complaints.

National Auto Dealers Association (703) 821-7144  
Call their automated response line for disputes with new car dealers, vehicle problems, safety issues and recall information.  

American Automobile Association (202) 942-2079/(404) 724-2110 
You may want to ask for their help in dealing with one of their bonded shops.  They may be willing to act as an intermediary to help you resolve this matter. 

This agency regulates a wide variety of businesses including dealer franchises. They also mediate consumer disputes and can sue for violations of the Georgia Fair Business Practice Act.

Automotive Consumer Action Program (AUTOCAP) (770) 432-2000

Free service for mediating new car disputes with franchised dealers belonging to the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association.

Before you call them, first try resolving the problem with the franchise owner or general manager.

Georgia Independent Auto Dealers Association (770) 745-9650  
May help you with disputes if the dealer belongs to their organization.

The Automobile Manufacturer Who Supplies Cars To The Franchiser  
The manufacturer has a right to know if the franchiser's shady practices are ruining its good name.  Make it clear to the franchiser that you will file a complaint with the car manufacturer unless the matter is taken care of immediately.  Remind them that if the manufacturer learns of their shady dealings they could lose their franchise and be put out of business.  You can find a listing of U.S. car manufacturers and their consumer help lines at your local library or on the Web.

Secretary Of State Used Car Board (404) 656-3929  
This board governs individual used car dealers licensed to sell retail.  Upon request you can receive a free copy of the rules and regulations that dealers must follow if they want to keep their license.  Knowing which rules were broken can also give you tremendous leverage against a crooked dealer. 

Fox 5 Call For Action
Volunteers hear consumer complaints and then act as mediators between the aggrieved consumer and seller.  These volunteers have the clout of a major TV station behind them and this often makes sellers much more cooperative. 

Channel 2/WSB CONSUMER ACTION CENTER (404) 892-8227  

Better Business Bureau-Autoline  (800) 955-5100 
                                            or (404) 688-4910  
Call from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Department Of Motor Vehicles/Title Division  (404) 362-6500  
The GA DMV will do a title inquiry to see if the dealer misrepresented the car's condition.  Title checks cost $1 and trace the history of what your car has gone through since entering Georgia.  Histories may reveal whether your car had     odometer discrepancies or had once been totaled.  Drop by the DMV in person and you can get a history on the same day it was ordered.  Mailed in requests may take up to 6-8 weeks.

The Georgia Clerk's Office For The House Of Reps (404) 656-5015  
Call to find out if Georgia has passed or is in the process of passing a law concerning your particular consumer issue.  They may even mail you a copy of the law if you ask them nicely.  

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Auto Tags

DMV Frequently Called Phone #s
Where to call for tags, titles and permits, etc.

Tags, Titles and Emission Info (Consumer-SOS)
Includes new laws enacted in 2011.

Fulton County Tax Commissioner's Office
                             (404) 730-6100  

Gwinnett County Tag Office (770) 822-8818

Dekalb County Tax Commissioner's Office (404) 371-8247  

For More, See Motor Vehicles & DMV Information

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Car Damage Caused By Pavement

Georgia Department Of Transportation (DOT) (770) 986-1011 
To file a claim for vehicle damage cause by pavement in disrepair.  

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Car Defects & Auto Recalls

 Consumer Product Safety Commission (404)730-2870
                                                 Or (800)638-2772

 D.O.T. Auto Safety Hotline (800) 424-9393
This federal agency monitors auto defects and can provide you with information on auto recalls and pending investigation on auto safety.  They handle problems with cars, trucks, child      safety seats and motor vehicle equipment.

The Center For Auto Safety (202) 328-7700
The Center For Auto Safety is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the deaths and injuries caused by unsafe vehicle design and defects.  Call them for information on auto recalls, complaint statistics, safety problems, class action suits, secret warranties, defective auto paint, etc.

Federal Trade Commission (404) 656-1399 
Call from 9am to 12 pm.
Learn how you can sue car manufacturers under the lemon law.

Toll-Free Directory 1-800-555-1212  
Use this free directory service to see if your help agency has a toll-free number.

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