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Complaints Against  GA Lawyers 
All Georgia lawyers must follow the rules enforced by 
The Georgia State Bar Association
(800) 334-6865. For the rules and regulations lawyers must answer to, click here.

The Georgia Bar can suspend lawyers for wrongful conduct and can even expel them from the legal profession.  For minor grievances such as a lawyer's failure to return your files or phone calls, contact
The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) or call(404) 527-8759.

    If you wish to file a formal complaint against a lawyer, have CAP to send you  a "grievance form"
 and file it with The Georgia State Bar Association.

Aid From The Client Security Fund
If a lawyer has cheated you, the State Bar Client-Security Fund may be able to reimburse you up to $25,000 for your loss.  To set the process in motion you must first file a claim against the attorney with the State Bar.  Call (800) 334-6865 for more details.  

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Free/Low-Cost Lawyers-Help Within Metro Atlanta

Atlanta Legal Aid (404) 524-5811 

Clayton County Pro-Bono Project (Directions)(404) 366-0586
Part of Legal Aid.

Cobb County Pro-Bono (770) 528-2565
Part of Legal Aid

Gwinnett County Pro Bono (Directions)(404) 377-0701
Part of Legal Aid.

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (404) 521-0790
Deals exclusively with civil matters.  

John Marshall Law School Legal Aid Clinic
1422 West Peachtree Street
Suite 305
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 873-1609
FAX (404) 873-0923

Dekalb County Volunteer Lawyer Association (404) 373-0865 Contact: Sheila Ogletree

Dekalb Legal Aid (404) 377-0701
For child custody/support matter, speak to Ana Kennedy, Ext 235. (She's very dedicated.)  
Director: Deborah Johnson

Justice Center Of Atlanta (Mediation)(404) 523-8236 or
Offers free mediation for civil matters that have or could have been filed in Fulton or Dekalb counties. They can help resolve civil disputes involving divorce and family conflicts, landlord-tenant conflicts, business matters, employment disputes, educational disputes, personal injury claims, neighborhood disputes, juvenile disputes and disputes involving churches and congregations. Benefit: Both parties can resolve their problems quickly and without the high costs of a lawsuit.  Note: The Justice Center can do nothing unless both parties make the call and agree to the mediation.
Lists volunteer attorneys and pro bono legal services in GA.  

Directory Of Legal Services In GA

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Legal Help Outside Metro Atlanta

Directory Of Legal Services In GA

Georgia Legal Services Program (Central Office)
(404) 206-5175 or (800) 498-9469
Residents outside of Metropolitan Atlanta should call the central office to find the legal aid program nearest them.  Migrant and seasonal farm workers should call (800) 537-7496.

Lists volunteer attorneys and pro bono legal services in GA.

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