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Going Public

Q&A: Small Business and the SEC 
How to take your small business public. 

See Laws and Regulations

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Avoiding & Resolving Disputes With Brokers

Form For Taking Notes (SEC)
We've developed a form for taking notes when you talk to your broker, because having a record of what was said may
prevent problems.

Cold Calling
How to stop harassing phone calls from brokers – your rights and tips for avoiding problems.

The Registration And Regulation Of Brokers & Dealers 
The SEC's Division of Market Regulation has prepared
publications summarizing some of the significant provisions of the Securities Exchange Act as they affect brokers and dealers. 

See Complaints, Inquiries & Investigations
See Stockbrokers

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Retirement, Estate Planning & Social Security

Top 10 Ways To Beat The Clock And Prepare For Retirement

Financial Facts Tool Kit
A vast array of facts and tools to help you begin planning for a secure financial future.

Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs)
Including Roth IRAs and Education IRAs (Good For Use in Preparing 2000 Returns)

What You Should Know About Your Pension Rights

Women And Pensions

Pension Plans FAQs

Choosing A Financial Planner (Consumer-SOS)

Saving For Retirement 
Quickly calculate how much you need to save for retirement by using these one-page worksheets from the American Savings Education Council.

Financial Calculators-How Much Will My Investments Be Worth In The Future (

Retirement, Estate Planning & Social Security
Over 80 articles on these subjects!

What they are and which ones are best for you.

Variable Annuities 
Important information to help investors better understand the benefits, risks, and costs of variable annuities.

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Financial Planners

* Security Firms & Investment Advisors (GA)
Tips, warnings and where to complain.

What You Should Know About Financial Planning

Selecting A Financial Planner (BBB)

Ten Question To Ask When Choosing A Financial Planner

See Retirement & Estate Planning

See Complaints, Inquiries & Investigations

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Tax Matters

Capital Gains Tax-What Is It? (

Consumer-SOS/Tax Matters

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Spotting Fraud

Spotting Investment Fraud (BBB)

Risky Investments-Protecting Your Money From Con Artists & Telemarketing Fraud

Internet Fraud: How To Avoid Internet Investment Scams  
This alert tells you how to spot different types of Internet fraud, what the SEC is doing to fight Internet investment scams, and how to use the Internet to invest wisely.

Investor Alerts-Be On The Lookout For These Scams

See Complaints, Inquiries & Investigations

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Other Money Matters

Unclaimed Money/Property
Detecting Counterfeit Money
Wallets & CheckBooks
Forms (Demand Letters, Promissory Notes, etc.)

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Certificates of Deposit: Tips for Investors 
CDs have become more complex in recent years. Don't be dazzled by rising rates. Before you consider investing in a high-yield CD, make sure you fully understand its terms.

Bank Products: What's Insured And What's Not
Alerts consumers to the differences between deposits and investments, emphasizing that deposits alone are insured by the Federal Government and investment products such as mutual funds are not insured.

Currency Conversions
Convert 164 currencies into US dollars and back or to each other!

Find Out If Your Bank Is Insured

FAQs About Deposit Insurance 

For More See Consumer-SOS/Banks & Credit Unions

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Unclaimed Money/Property

Bad Checks-How To Prosecute In Georgia


Does The IRS Owe You A Tax Refund?   
Type in your name and state to see if you're listed in the IRS Refund Database.

Collecting A Debt-Legal Ways To Locate Someone's Bank Account If They're Hiding Money From You
The official site of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators lists contact information for state and federal unclaimed property offices and provides links to searchable databases.

Finding Unclaimed Money in 28 States (The Exact Dollar Amount Owed To You!!!)
Type in your name and to learn the exact dollar amount owed to you. Or type in your name and select a state (for those who are sure no other states apply).
A joint effort of NAUPA and CheckFree, an electronic commerce service provider, that plans to combine information from all the states into one database. Type your name into their national search engine and you can learn if money is being held in your name.  They also have a state directory where you can search for the same.

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Wallets & Check Books

Your Wallet: A Loser's Manual

So You Lost Your Wallet! (Consumer-SOS)

Lost Your Check Book? Here's What To Do.

Know Your Liability Limits For Lost Checks, Debit, ATM & Credit Cards

Related Topics
Privacy & Identity Theft
Banks & Credit Unions

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Sample Demand Letter For Payment Of Debt 

Bad Checks-How To Prosecute In Georgia

General Forms For All Occasions (The 'Lectric Law Library)
Scroll down their forms page for forms on general business matters, living wills, power of attorney, promissory notes, employment and contracting.

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