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Animal Control (Fulton County)
Provides animal and rabies control services. Enforces leash laws and confinement requirements for dangerous animals. Investigates animal bite incidents and reports of animal neglect, abuse or abandonment. Licenses dogs and cats, responds to nuisance complaints and holds impounded animals.

How Do I ........ (City Of Atlanta)
Report a nuisance or garbage problem,  water & sewage leaks, look up city ordinances, obtain a building permit, pay traffic tickets, etc.

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RideSmart (877) 433-3463
This free service links you up with a car or vanpool in your area. They seek to reduce traffic congestion by making it faster, cheaper and less stressful for you to get to work or day care. Ask for their list of carpooling tips for joining and participating in a safe, reliable car or vanpool.

e-Rideshare-Carpool Listings In All 50 States Plus Other Countries
Choose a state or country or Zip Code to search for listings by carpool destination.

CarPoolWorld (Throughout The US and Beyond)
Free worldwide ride share and carpool matching.

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Contractors/Construction, Plumbers, Electricians

See Occupational Licensing Boards  

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Call the agencies below if you've been denied housing or been discriminated against in a housing related matter because of your Race, Color, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Family Status, Or Disability.

The Fair Housing Division of the Commission of Equal Opportunity  (404) 656-7708  

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Discrimination Hotline  (800) 669-9777        

Metro Fair Housing Services (404) 765-3940  
For help preparing a housing related complaint i.e. for discrimination against the handicapped.    

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Drainage Problems

How Do I ........ (City Of Atlanta)
Report a nuisance or garbage problem,  water & sewage leaks, look up city ordinances, obtain a building permit, pay traffic tickets, etc.

Fulton County Public Works (404) 730-7400

Gwinnett County Public Works (770) 822-5061

Cobb County Water System (770) 423-1000  

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No materials are here at present.  Please check back later.

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The Elderly

The Senior Legal Hotline (888) 257 9519 (404) 657-9915  
Free or low cost legal advice for senior citizens. Answers legal questions for people 60 and over regardless of their income. The hotline is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Contact Elle Crosby at(404) 657-0217.

American Association Of Retired Persons (404) 881-0292                                   
The Aging Connection
(404) 364-2626  
State Government referral service for those 60 years or older.  Serves the entire Atlanta Metropolitan area.  

Housing Counseling Center
(404) 659-6744 or (404) 508-0922  
Counseling for homeowners and first-time buyers in Dekalb and Fulton counties.  They advise elderly homeowners on a variety of issues such as reverse mortgages or repair options/deferred rehabilitation programs. 

For More Help See

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Financial Help With Mortgages & Utility Payments & Other Assistance
Before calling the numbers below, contact your lender.  Very often mortgage lenders will work with someone who has a temporary problem paying the bills.  On a case-by-case basis, some lenders will temporarily modify the terms of the loan, due to hardship, such as a surmountable illness or other trying circumstances.  The lender may allow you to make a reduced payment on your mortgage for a time or to miss a payment and have the payment tacked on to the end of your loan.

You may also want to talk to a mortgage lender or two on the matter of whether refinancing your home is prudent or even possible.  That way, you could reduce payments or take out cash. But make sure to consult your circles of experts, accountants, etc... to understand the tax and investment implications of what you do.  Remember, it never hurts to learn your options.

The Home Ownership Preservation Foundation 877-362-6631
24 hour hotline for any borrower in distress.
For EMC Customers, call The Mod Squad 877-362-6631

The HomeSafe Georgia Program (877) 519-4443
The HomeSafe Georgia Unemployment Program provides assistance for homeowners who have become unemployed or were unemployed or underemployed through no fault of their own. For those who qualify, the program offers two types of assistance: Mortgage Payment for those not delinquent and Mortgage Reinstatement for those who have fallen behind on their payments.. Eligible homeowners will close on a subordinate 0% interest rate loan similar to a home equity line of credit. These funds will be used to make mortgage payments for up to a maximum of 18 months under Payment Assistance, or will be used to reinstate an existing mortgage that is up to 6 months delinquent under Reinstatement Assistance.  Following the assistance period, the HomeSafe Georgia lien is balanced to the actual assistance use; the loan will be forgiven at a rate of 20% per year for five years. Unemployment Program assistance is available only once per homeowner or property address. (GA Only)
Needs vary but could include $ for car repair, rent/mortgage help, buying a car, utilities and medical bills. One Need works with local churches and all needs start and end with our local church partners. If you have a need please click SUBMIT A NEED here.

North Georgia Community Action, Inc. (Catoosa, Chattooga, Cherokee, Dade, Fannin, Gilmer, Murray, Pickens, Walker, and Whitfield Counties unless noted otherwise.)

  • Income Advocacy Program assists eligible TANF recipients to apply for benefits if they are disabled and provide childcare, if necessary, and travel to medical or Social Security appointments in order to complete the process
  • Financial (help with the cost of food and shelter and heating bills when you're having an economic emergency )
  • Food/Clothing/Housing
  • Job Training & Employment
  • Transportation
  • Information Referral

Can't Pay Your Rent, Mortgage or Utilities? (Consumer-SOS)
Step by step on what to do to and where to get help on any of the above.

Homeless (or Soon To Be Homeless) Assistance Directory (Georgia)
Are you about to be homeless? This site lists homeless assistance resources by Georgia county, including Homeless Prevention and/or Rapid Re-Housing resources.

Dekalb Economic Opportunity Association (404) 292-2166
Non-profit organization that offers one-time emergency assistance to pay for rent, the mortgage, food, clothing, light and gas. Supervisor: Francis Harmon.

Midtown Assistance Center (404) 681-5777 or (404) 681-0470  
Founded in 1986 as a collaborative effort of five Midtown churches, this volunteer-driven assistance center has helped more than 29,000 people pay their rent, mortgage, utilities, transportation, food and clothing. To qualify you must live in an area with one of the following zip codes: 30303, 30308, 30309, 30313.

The Salvation Army (770) 386-6256  
Assists with past due rent and past due utilities. They usually don't handle mortgages but you never know until you ask.

The Sullivan Center (404) 753-0535  
Will provide financial assistance to those who attend a 4 day long financial planning class. To qualify you must provide documentation such as your Social Security Card, proof of income, lease, mortgage, utility cut-off notice, letter from landlord or eviction notice.    

See Other Help Resources In Atlanta                   

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Georgia Office Of Consumer Affairs (404) 651-8600 or 656-3790 or (800) 869-1123  
This agency regulates a wide variety of businesses throughout Georgia. They also mediate consumer disputes and can sue for violations of the Georgia Fair Business Practice Act.  

Schemes to Steal Your House or Your Money 
Spotting fraud and where to report it.

Home Defense Program (404) 377-0701  
To assist homeowners who have been victims of predatory mortgage lending practices, home-equity theft, title conversion scams, home purchase fraud or home repair rip-offs. Serving the Atlanta area, Gwinnett, Clayton and Cobb counties.  Fraud help is directed to lower and moderate income homeowners.

Women's Resource Center 404-370-7670
Has a walk-in legal clinic from 6-9 p.m. every Tuesday where women can get 30 minutes of free legal advice.  Dial ext 105 to leave a message with an attorney. You can speak to helpful non-attorneys between 9-5, Mon-Fri.

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GA Hotlines For Graffiti (Google Search) 

How To Start Your Own Neighborhood Watch (Good For All States)

See Also Basic Tips To Follow For Stopping Crime

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Health & Safety

How Do I ........ (City Of Atlanta)
Report a nuisance or garbage problem,  water & sewage leaks, look up city ordinances, obtain a building permit, pay traffic tickets, etc.

How To Start Your Own Neighborhood Watch
(Good For All States)
See Also Basic Tips To Follow For Stopping Crime



GA Dept. Of Agriculture/Consumer Services (404) 656-3641  

Dekalb County Board Of Health (404) 294-3700 or (404)371-2000

Fulton County Health Department (404) 730-1211  

The Atlanta Housing Authority (404) 330-6250
For abandoned housing, deteriorating structures.

Atlanta Sanitation Department (404) 523-0632
Picks up dead animals on every day but Sunday.

Fulton County Animal Control (404) 794-0358

Department Of Public Works (404) 730-7400  
Potholes and health hazards.

Atlanta Water Department (404) 609-8004  
To have your water tested in the City of Atlanta.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (800) 426-4791  
Safe Drinking Water Hotline.

GA State Environmental Protection Division (404) 656-4713

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Housing Code Violations

How Do I ........ (City Of Atlanta)
Report a nuisance or garbage problem,  water & sewage leaks, look up city ordinances, obtain a building permit, pay traffic tickets, etc.

Atlanta Planning And Development
(404) 330-6190  
To report deteriorated, dilapidated, or vacant residential buildings. A resident of the neighborhood may register a complaint and request that the building be inspected. If cited, the owner must make repairs or face fines or other sanctions. Relevant City of Atlanta Code Sections include: 8-2087, 8-2091, 8-2092, 8-2094, 8-2100.4, 17-9013.  

The Housing Code Guide (Has Overview & Atlanta Code Enf. Agencies)

How To Start Your Own Neighborhood Watch (Good For All States)
See Also Basic Tips To Follow For Stopping Crime

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