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Moving Tips

Moving Companies

Where To Relocate
(Quality Of Life/Jobs In Your Desired Location)

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Moving Tips

Making Your Move Stress Free  

Moving-Checklist Of Who To Notify (Consumer-SOS)
Exhaustive list of who you need to contact before you move.

What To Do Before Moving (Checklist with Links To Valuable Agencies)

Moving-Checklist Of Who To Notify

Choosing A Moving Company

Monster Moving 
Mega Site with all you need to know to relocate from mortgage rates to salary calculators to moving companies and more.

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Moving Companies 

Choosing A Moving Company

Moving Companies By State, Area Code, & Type of Move
Find a mover anywhere in the U.S. Site also offers a
moving guide with tips, packaging and storage information.

Compare Moving Company Prices (All 50 States & DC)
Find the right movers, get cost estimates, or pick the right size do-it-yourself truck.

Monster Moving 
Mega Site with all you need to know to relocate from mortgage rates to salary calculators to moving companies and more.

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*Atlanta Housing Help 
Where to find help in 25 areas related to housing.

Can I Sue The Housing Inspector For Not Discovering The Defect? (Consumer-SOS)

Interstate Movers (Complaints)
Can also check if the mover is licensed. Good for moving companies that move across state lines.

Department Of Transportation (DOTs)
In All 50 States (Not DC) 
Learn who regulates the moving companies in your state.

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) (202) 358-7027
For complaints, licensing and insurance status on interstate moving companies. 

American Moving & Storage Association (703) 683-7410       
They can tell you if the mover is licensed.  For disputes, you have only 60 days after a move to request for arbitration with an interstate mover.  All requests must be in writing.
Find Your Local Newspaper, Magazine, Radio & TV Stations
Give them a little bad press and you're bargaining power increases tremendously. Select your state, and then click on your county or city for the proper media to report to. (DC Not Included). 

Your Rights Against The Home Inspector
It's possible that the amount you can sue for is limited only to the 
cost of the inspection. Such may depend on the wording in your inspection 
agreement as well as GA case law.
See This Link And Then Google Georgia Law

Women's Resource Center 404-370-7670
Has a walk-in legal clinic from 6-9 p.m. every Tuesday where women can get 30 minutes of free legal advice.  Dial ext 105 to leave a message with an attorney. You can speak to helpful non-attorneys between 9-5, Mon-Fri.
Another effort to limit liability is the path chosen by Georgia home 
inspectors. According to Bob Hamilton, executive vice president of the 
Georgia Association of Realtors, inspectors in that state routinely limit 
their liability to the value of the work they perform -- say $300 for a 
typical home inspection. 

The Georgia inspectors have used such wording for a number of years and 
when the matter was recently challenged in court the limitation was 

Other GA Law On Your Subject

Georgia Trade practice act (Chapter 3, Title 8) enacted in 1994. 
Georgia law requires home inspectors to provide written documents containing 
certain information with regard to inspections. This written document 
must include the scope of the inspection, including the structural 
elements and systems to be inspected, that the inspection is a visual 
inspection, and that the home inspector will notify, in writing, the person 
on whose behalf such inspection is being made of any defects noted 
during the inspection.

For more information, contact the Secretary of State, Construction 
Industry License Board.
(901) 207-1416 phone
(901) 207-1425 fax

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Where To Relocate (Quality Of Life In Your Desired Location)

Find Every Resource Relevant To Where You Want To Relocate
In All 50 States & DC. Find an apartment and see what your area has to offer in,  Banking & Financial, Corporate Apartments, Domestic Services, Education, Employment Services, Full Service Relocation Companies , Health Care, Home Furnishings, Hotels, Insurance, Internet Service Providers, Transportation and much much more.

Career Guide To Industries Handbook

Provides information on available careers by industry, including the nature of the industry, working conditions, employment, occupations in the industry, training and advancement, 
earnings and benefits, employment outlook, and lists of organizations that can provide additional information.
Before you relocate, use this site to check the crime rate and quality of schools in your desired city.  Learn here which areas are superior and which stink.  This site is packed with comparison tools and calculators to help you make the right decision.  If you're looking for hot places to live but have yet to decide, check out their "Lifestyle Optimizer".  It will pick for you your ten top cities to live in.

Find The Best City For Me To Relocate To
Punch in what you want in a city and it will find you the best places to live. Search cities based on: Population, School rating, Cost of Living Index, Average Home Price, Income tax rate, Future Job growth, Number of sunny days, Violent crime index and more. Then select any two cities to compare in detail. 

Find The Best Place To Relocate (All 50 states & DC)
Learn everything you need to know about the area you want to move to from the annual temperature to politics to the number of churches and schools there. 

The 10 Most & Least Expensive Places To Own A Car
Based on taxes and car insurance rates.

Monster Moving 
Mega Site with all you need to know to relocate from mortgage rates to salary calculators to moving companies and more.

For More See

Work Matters/Wage & Salary & Relocation Sites 

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Already A Homeowner

Avoiding Foreclosure Inspections & Housing Codes
Home Improvements/Contractors Homeowner Associations
Home Loans/Mortgages Neighbors,& Nuisances
Insurance Renting Out Your Home
Health & Safety Taxes
Defects In Your House Where To Go For Help

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Renting Out Your Home

To Rent Or Sell?

Renting Out Your Home  
What to consider before you become a landlord.

Housemate Match (Metro Atlanta)
Home sharing program that matches mature adult homeowners who have extra room in their homes with adults (tenants) seeking a roommate in a beautiful and safe place to live in the Atlanta area. Service is free. Rents will vary.

Home But Not Alone (Metro Atlanta)
Housing program that provides compatible homeowners and tenants, one or both of whom are HIV+, with shared living arrangements. Qualified homeowners with an extra room are matched with tenants seeking safe, affordable housing.

In Home Caregiving (Metro Atlanta)
In-Home Caregiving provides homeowners with live-in, non-medical services from qualified caregivers for reduced rent. Thus family caregivers are given respite, because the homeowners can live independently in their own homes. In return, the “tenant” caregiver lives there for a reduced rent.

Housing options offered in: Fulton County, City of Atlanta, DeKalb County, Cobb County, and Gwinnett County.

For More On The Legal Duties Of Landlords, See












Avoiding Foreclosure

Resources & Your Rights To Avoid Foreclosure
Types of foreclosure help, where to get it, who owns your loan, time it takes to foreclose and more.

The HomeSafe Georgia Program (877) 519-4443
The HomeSafe Georgia Unemployment Program provides assistance for homeowners who have become unemployed or were unemployed or underemployed through no fault of their own. For those who qualify, the program offers two types of assistance: Mortgage Payment for those not delinquent and Mortgage Reinstatement for those who have fallen behind on their payments.. Eligible homeowners will close on a subordinate 0% interest rate loan similar to a home equity line of credit. These funds will be used to make mortgage payments for up to a maximum of 18 months under Payment Assistance, or will be used to reinstate an existing mortgage that is up to 6 months delinquent under Reinstatement Assistance.  Following the assistance period, the HomeSafe Georgia lien is balanced to the actual assistance use; the loan will be forgiven at a rate of 20% per year for five years. Unemployment Program assistance is available only once per homeowner or property address.

Foreclosure Resources (Federal Reserve Board)
Up to date help during the housing crisis.

The Home Ownership Preservation Foundation 877-362-6631
24 hour hotline for any borrower in distress.
For EMC Customers, call The Mod Squad 877-362-6631

Can't Pay Your Rent, Mortgage or Utilities? (Consumer-SOS)
Step by step on what to do and where to go for assistance. Has local help groups for the above.

Help For The Homeless (or Soon To Be Homeless) Georgia Assistance Directory (Georgia)
Are you about to be homeless? This site lists homeless assistance resources by Georgia county, including Homeless Prevention and/or Rapid Re-Housing resources.

What Is Foreclosure & How it Works (All 50 States & DC)
When a lender--usually a bank--tries to take your property away from you, the law protects you, and your property, for as long as possible. Scroll down the laws and procedures in all 50 states.

Summary Of Foreclosure Laws In All 50 States

Defending Against Foreclosures (Not States Specific)

State-By-State Guide To Lien Laws (All 50 states & DC)
Homeowners: learn what a creditor must do to secure a lien on your house and the limits on what property they can attach it to.

Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act:
If you're a reserve component service member called to active duty, you're protected by a law that can save you some legal problems and possibly some money as well. Under the provisions of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940, you may qualify for any or all of the following: • Reduced interest rate on mortgage payments. • Reduced interest rate on credit card debt. • Protection from eviction if your rent is $1,200 or less. • Delay of all civil court actions, such as bankruptcy, foreclosure or divorce proceedings.

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Home Improvements

*Home Improvements (GA)
Choosing a contractor, what should be in the contract, records you should keep and how to structure the deal and more.

*How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Home Repair Contractors (GA)

Repairs and Mechanics' Liens In Georgia
Applies to home improvement contractors and their subcontractors. So make sure all subcontractors are paid before paying the contractor or they can put a lien on your house!

Hiring A Contractor
(Great On The Do's and Don'ts!)

Tips For Hiring A Contractor
Very basic tips and some links.

The Cooling Off Rule (When You Can Cancel A Sale or Sales Contract)
Check this site for contractors and architects.  Outline your project and ImproveNet will submit the details to approved professions in your area.  It will then tell you who wants the work.

State-by-State Guide To Lien Laws (All 50 States & DC)
Homeowners: learn what a contractor must do to secure a lien and the limits on what property they can attach it to.

For More on Cancellations,  See Contracts

For Pulling Your Contractor's License, See
Occupational Licensing Boards

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Home Loans & Mortgages
Home Loans

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Inspections & Housing Codes

*Atlanta Housing Help 
Where to find help in 25 areas related to housing.

*Georgia Housing Code Guide
Complaints and inspections relating to rental property, vacant lots health hazards and nuisances.  Lists housing code agencies in Metro Atlanta.

Find Your City's Municipal Codes
Learn how your city code treats, garbage, nuisance and safety hazards. If you can't find your city, follow their links to other code sites that can help you.

House Inspections

Can I Sue The Housing Inspector For Not Discovering The Defect? (Consumer-SOS)

Find A Home Inspector Nearest You  (All 50 states & DC)
Website of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Inspect America (DC and Most States)
Find an easy way to locate a home inspector in your area, learn the credentials and affiliations your home inspector should have,  what to expect before, during, and after a house inspection, how the results of the on- site home inspection should be presented to you and what to expect after the home inspection. 

Find Your Local Newspaper, Magazine, Radio & TV Stations
Give them a little bad press and you're bargaining power increases tremendously. Select your state, and then click on your county or city for the proper media to report to. (DC Not Included).
For More See

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* Homeowner's Insurance (GA)

Flood Insurance Facts (GA)

Homeowner's Insurance Worksheet (GA)
When you call an agent to find out how much it will cost to insure a home, you will need the following information. Without it, you may not get a quote or the quote may not be accurate. Answer these questions before you make the phone call or stop
into an office.

Homeowner's Insurance (
Get the basics on homeowner's insurance and the importance of doing a home inventory.
Provides well written, authoritative advice on buying home and other insurance as well as dealing with insurers.  Buyers can search for firms offering specific coverage in their state and can check a company's strength.  You can also link to insurance companies, quote services and agents, but any  selling takes place off their website site.

Homeowner Insurance Claim Letter

Cancellation Of Private Mortgage Insurance: New Federal Law May Save You Hundreds of Dollars Each Year

See Consumer-SOS-Insurance

For More See

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