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Lawyers, Courts & Self Help
Self Help (Legal Research &Forms)

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Choosing A Lawyer (Includes Free Lawyers)
Working With Lawyers

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Choosing A Lawyer
Free Or Low Cost Lawyers
How To Find & Choose A Lawyer
Lawyers & Legal Fees

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How To Find & Choose A Lawyer

*How To Choose A Lawyer (GA)

Directory Of Georgia Lawyers
See if your lawyer has been disciplined or is good standing to practice law.

Tips On Where To Find A Lawyer (The Working Women's Survival Guide)

The Initial Interview-Is the Lawyer You're Talking To The Best One For The Job?
Some good observations that may keep you from hiring the wrong  lawyer for the job.

Lawyer Locators & Referrals

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Lawyer Locators & Referrals (All 50 States & DC)
Search here for lawyers based on their location and specialty. (All 50 States & DC)
Attorney Locate is FREE to the public.  Attorney Locate allows you to search for an attorney based on location and practice area.  Many of the attorneys listed have provided full web sites or a detailed profile outlining their education, experience and commitment to the practice of law as well as other useful legal information.

Findlaw's Lawyers and Law Firms (All 50 States & DC)

Martindale-Hubble Lawyer Locator
(All 50 States & DC)

A List Of Attorney Locators Links (All 50 States & DC)

ABA Lawyer Referral Services (DC & All 50 States)
Mostly Phone #s, not many links.

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Free Or Low Cost Lawyers


Legal Help For Specific Groups Or Causes

Aids Hispanics
Artists Homeless
Asians & Other Immigrants & Refugees Homeowners/Tenants
Cancer Inventors
Children, Juveniles Investors
Civil Rights/Relig. Expression Lawyer Committees
Conservative Values Lawyer Referrals
Consumer Law Prisoners or Those Charged With A Crime
Criminal Defense Tax Help
Elderly & Disabled Veterans & Service Members
Environment Wages (Unpaid)
Fed Law & Law In Other States Women

Other Legal Aid & Pro-bono Help In Metro Atlanta (Consumer-SOS)

GA Free Legal Help for Non Profits or Small Businesses Hurt By Covid 19
(If Small Business, must have less than 25 Employees)
Receive free legal advice during a 45-minute remote consultation with a volunteer attorney, helping small business owners and nonprofits navigate the CARES Act, or questions related to employment, commercial leases, contract enforcement, insolvency/bankruptcy and insurance.

Cumming Family Legal Aid & Pro Bono Services (770) 535-5717

Appalachian Family Law Information Center (Georgia)
Gives 60 minutes of free time with a lawyer for those who financially qualify. AFLIC also assists residents of Pickens, Gilmer and Fannin Counties who wish to represent themselves in domestic legal matters or educate themselves about domestic issues. AFLIC has legal form packets and instructions available to assist in the following areas (some of which are available on-line): divorce (both with and without children), contempt, legitimation, child custody and visitation modifications, modification of child support, and name changes.

Georgia Mountains Lawyer Referral Project
Free legal help for those who qualify. The Georgia Mountains Lawyer Referral Project serves the counties of Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade, and Walker. We have 11 regional offices to serve clients where they live.

Facts About the Atlanta Legal Aid Society 

Income Requirements For Legal Aid Or Pro bono Help (ABA)
Does not apply to every program, so don't be discouraged.

Legal Aid & Clinics (All 50 States & DC)

The Directory of Pro Bono Programs (All 50 States & DC)  
Lawyers for those who can't afford one. Scroll down to the bottom of their page, click on their drop box and select your state.  Has other legal help in addition to legal aid.  If you are seeking legal representation, look to the listings in the county in which you live or in one near you. Those programs that provide service on a stateside basis are listed at the top of each state listing. 

4 Cases Where You Can Qualify For Free Legal Services ( (All 50 States & DC) 
Where available, each state has resources relating to complaints & disputes, courts & legal process, fees & costs, hiring a lawyer, legal aid & clinics, referral  services, and self representation.

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Lawyers & Legal Fees

*Lawyers & Legal Fees (GA Bar-Very Pro Lawyer)

Confirming Your Arrangement And Discussing Legal Fees
What to ask from the attorney when it comes time to discuss legal fees.

Tips On How To Cut Down Costs 

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Working With Lawyers
Tips On How To Cut Down Costs
Common Problems With Lawyers
Legal Fees

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Tips On How To Cut Down Costs

*Lawyers & Legal Fees (GA)
For basic tips scroll down to end of page.

Ways To Save On Legal Fees (

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Common Problems With Lawyers

Common Problems-What To Do (

What To Do When You're Mad At Your Lawyer (

Identifying Problems When Working With Your Lawyer
Also has some tips on what to do about them.

Lawyers & Legal Fees (Consumer-SOS)

Complaints Against Your Lawyer (Consumer-SOS)

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Complaints Against GA Lawyers (Consumer-SOS)

Lawyer Rules Of Professional Conduct For Georgia (GA)
Find out if your lawyer followed the rules on fees and confidentiality, etc.  

Lawyers & Legal Malpractice-Firing & Suing Them (

State Bar Ethics Rules For All States & DC 
Choose your state, select your topics and go. Learn what your lawyer did wrong and what he must do right! Links to the rules and ethical opinions that lawyers must answer to in all 50 states & DC. In some cases may also have the rules that judges must answer to.

Where To File A Formal Grievance Against Your Lawyer 
Scroll down to select your state.

Bar Associations In Every State & DC
Links to State Bar Associations and sometimes includes county bar associations as well. 

Find The AARP In Your State
The AARP offers legal advocacy for seniors and may also have state specific consumer brochures which are available to everyone.

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GA Courts & Forms

Courts In Other States
Jury Duty & Being A Witness

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GA Courts & Forms
State & Superior Courts
Federal Courts

Small Claims

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